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Hurray for it being December, which means I can FINALLY turn on the Christmas radio station without feeling too guilty. I really do love this month except for the amount of rain and the wet snow that often comes with it. And even though temperature wise it might be one of the coldest months, celebrating the Holidays with your beloved ones makes it a lot warmer and more bearable (it is a cliché, but true!).

Ever since my parents got divorced, I celebrate Christmas at my mom’s AND at my dad’s. And then there’s my family in law, which makes that my Christmas always lasts for at least three days. But you know what they say, the more the merrier! My little marathon through the country always comes with some stress (Did we bring all the presents? Will there be any traffic jams due to the snow? Where did all our champagne glasses go?!). But the number one cause is definitely packing my bag for these three days and determine what to wear and what to smear. And I am not sure if I will ever solve the what to wear problem, but I think I have found the solution on what to smear…semi-permanent makeup.

You might have noticed, but brows are having quite the leading role when it comes to makeup nowadays. And I have decided that this Christmas I am leaving my red lipstick at home and bringing my new Santa brows instead! All these brow bars popping up everywhere made me curious and so I went to Mrs. Highbrow to get my brows shaped and tinted. I have to admit I was a bit anxious at first – brows are pretty crucial when it comes to facial expression and it would be really strange to suddenly have two big caterpillars (or super groomed lines) on my face! – but eyebrow stylist Patricia took really great care of me and my brows.

She started tweezing and waxing and while my pain tolerance is normal, I was actually quite relieved when she was done with the waxing part. It just scared me a bit! But so far so good, it gave my brows a nice sleek shape (and a bit of redness from the waxing). As for the tinting, Patricia decided to make my brows an inch bit darker than their natural color. The ‘new’ tint will stay for about 3 weeks, basically until it is completely washed away. At first glance I thought they were super dark and I really had to get used to the fact that I got brows. But after a few days I was super duper happy with my two new friends. It is strange how brows (or their color) can make such an enormous difference. When I wake up in the morning and look at my reflection, it feels like I have already put on some makeup without having to apply anything. Which is quite awesome if you ask me.

Now tell me all about your Holiday preparations! What will you be wearing and smearing?

Pictures by Manon Klaver and Sabrina Meijer.