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Skipping January 1st by sleeping all day and trying to get over national hangover day with an omelet or three and a movie (also three), let me wish you a belated Happy New Year. May 2013 be our best year so far, flooded with health, joy, love, luck, success, fun and what else.

A new year would not be complete without the resolutions we come up with and then toss away on January 6th – ok let us be real, January 4th – so I came up with a few fashion related ones.

Be a little more risky. I tend to wear all-black whenever I do not want to spend too much time getting dressed in the morning. Now I know I will never be a walking color bomb, but I do think my closet could use a bit more color (even when it is a shade of grey) and print.

That also gets me to my second resolution, which is to be less lazy when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.

Invest in a new bag. The CΓ©line will probably never leave my arm, but it is time to get her a little sister.

Detox, detox and detox a little more. Whenever I open up my closet to someone, they are amazed by the small amount of clothes I own. There is people that collect just about anything and there is people that can not stand unused things – or clothes in this case. I can most definitely be put in the last box and I would love to stay there.

Build a walk-in closet. We have enough space, but we are not yet using it right. My boyfriend wants to turn our spare room in a dj-booth/gameroom/cinema, I am still trying to convince him we both need that walk-in closet I have always dreamt of.

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