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A couple of months ago, the Dutch luxury department store Maison de Bonneterie came up to me and asked me if I wanted to do a collaboration with them. Back then, we were not really sure what it was going to be, but we definitely wanted to do something with the windows. And so we decided that I could style, and eventually also model, their Things We Love for Autumn campaign. I collected 22 looks from the new collections, 11 for my boyfriend – who was happy to do the male part of the modeling – and 11 for me. We shot the whole campaign at the end of August with the amazing photographer Reinier van der Aart and those pictures are now hanging in all Maison de Bonneterie windows in Amsterdam and The Hague. I have to say it is super cool, but at the same time kind of weird to see myself hanging there, I mean those pictures are not the smallest!

Then I got my own little baby, my own window. I decided it had to show a little sneak peek from behind the scenes of our collaboration. The result is kind of a Pinterest board with backstage images – shot by Lisa Galesloot – from the shoot and a cool little window that showcases the bracelet I made to celebrate the whole thing.

Speaking of that bracelet… The idea for it came to existence when I was moving in together with my boyfriend. Our style is pretty much a simple mix of everything we bump into and I am slightly obsessed with all things industrial. When my dad came help us hang up our old Czechoslovakian factory lights, he needed me to get him what is called a shackle/harp closure. Until that day I had never heard of it before, but the minute I saw it, I knew that was going to be my bracelet.

The bracelets are available HERE in gold, silver and rose gold for 79 euros a piece. They are limited edition (there is only a 100 in each color) and they are all numbered. I hope you like them!

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