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Happy New Year! Now time sure flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it? I can not believe how fast my time in LA flew by and that I am moving back to Amsterdam in only 9 days (nine days!). It has been a great and everlasting experience though and I would do it again right away if I could.

Maybe one day…

New York? Paris? A girl can dream and change is good.

And speaking of changes, 2014 is going to be an exciting year for LA gave me time to find a focus and set up some great ideas – at least for the next upcoming months – and I can not wait to share.

Some of these changes include an updated look for the site (soon, I promise), which will make things easier when it comes to navigation and will make space for (hopefully) more updates a day. More updates means more content and more content often means more (wo)manpower. For everyone that applied to become the new beauty editor, thank you. For anyone that is still interested, it’s not too late yet! Check out the details HERE.

But first things first, it is time for The Detox Issue.

(No resolutions? Yes there are, 8 of them to be precise, but more on that later today…)

Shirt, Rika; Jeans, Paige; Beanie, 6397.

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