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I wanted to share some of my thoughts about jewelry. Back in the days, I used to always put anything on my wrists and fingers that I could find, kind of like how I treat my Christmas trees every year. Times change though, as did my style, and I got quite more picky when it comes to jewelry. There’s one piece that I’ll never take off, that I wear every single day and night, and that’s the ‘I Love You’ ring Lesley gave me last Christmas. Then there’s only four things left that I seriously wear a lot, a Michael Kors watch, a ring from Dominic Jones, a black ‘leather’ bracelet from H&M and a Dogeared necklace.

Except for the H&M bracelet, which just goes pretty with my watch, they all have a special kind of meaning to me or were given to me for special occasions or by special people. I believe they make my outfits a bit more personal, even though people on the street can’t really read the meaning behind them.

I’m still on the search for the perfect set of stackable rings (hello Etsy, hello too many options) and a thin gold ring with a tiny little diamond or other timeless stone for my pointy finger.

So what I look for in a piece of jewelry is that’s it’s simple and timeless and sometimes bold and a little edgy. What are your thoughts on jewelry? How do you pick yours?

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