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The new me? As you might have noticed, my blog has undergone a slight transformation and I could not be more excited to show it to you, my readers. After a few years of blogging under the Freshnet umbrella, I felt it was time to be back on my own feet.

I have very much enjoyed being a Freshnet family member and I am thankful for the opportunities they gave me and my blog, but I felt the need to have my own design and let go of the umbrella.

As I have my bachelor degree in graphic design – but never really did anything big with it after graduating – it felt good to be able to use it to rebuild my baby. Together with a team of amazing people, I worked on it for a couple of months and make it look exactly how I wanted it to look.

Apart from some images being smaller and some being bigger, there are a few new features that are less visible that I would like to explain/point out.

– Posts that contain 5 or more photos, will become slideshows from now. I like to keep things neat and organized and did not want to have ‘clutters’ of pictures.
– I have introduced an official street style category a few weeks back, which is called ‘street chic’. This is to display what interesting looks I bump into, mostly during Fashion Weeks. Also to make this place a little less narcissistic. I might introduce some new categories soon, but only if they feel natural to add.
– Sometimes photos speak for themselves and do not really need much explanation, you might notice some posts without any text. It is not because I lost all writing inspiration, it is because I like it that way.
– Other posts may contain much longer texts in the near future. I have grown up (finally, at 24!) and it is time to give the blog a little more substance. I like to keep the conversation going and point things out that catch my eye in this ever-changing world of fashion.
– I will not be using random pictures from the world wide web anymore – those can be found on my Pinterest instead. It is just going to be my images and my images only. (Or images that someone took of me or for me.)

What do you think?

ps/ The URL on Bloglovin’ will automatically be changed within a few hours. You do not need to refollow me on the new URL.

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