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While walking back from Opening Ceremony to my hotel yesterday, I saw a fruit market on Melrose Place and got distracted by the Equipment store sign. I have literally tried on their Signature shirt over a thousand times (probably also in a thousand colors (never really made it to the cash register with one of them)), but never tried it in Fiery Red and since I was eyeing that color online, I thought it would be a good idea to quickly hop in and out to see if was for me.

I ended up trying on both that gorgeous red and this washed black one pictured above and doubted for what must have been at least half an hour. I almost wanted to get them both (trust me, that sales woman was good!!), when my friend Caroline made me come to my senses when she told me that I should give up trying to want to wear color all the time if it is just not my thing. And so I ended up getting my good old favorite color.

ps: I know, I know, another shirt?! Just trying to add more summer uniform options…

Silk Shirt, Equipment (never get one in Europe, they are way more affordable in the US).

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