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Let me tell you a little something more about my hair. Imagine the exact opposite of the perfect blow-dry, an untamed and tangled bunch of an undefinable color – some call it blonde, I want to believe I am a brunette.

There was a time I used to really style it every morning, smudge all kinds of products into my roots and smear some extra in the ends to make sure everything stayed in place, just to come to the conclusion that after about 10 seconds on a bicycle in Dutch weather would make it look like I did not even take the effort to brush my hair. After a decent while, I just gave up.

Now I just like to put minimal effort into it and sometimes I literally do not even touch a brush. I gave my hairdresser the task to cut it in a way that does not need much work, imagine how much daylight my hairdryer gets on an average weekly basis – zero to none.

It saves tons of time in the morning, which means extra minutes for a good breakfast. After all that is the most important thing to start a new day. Better skip the hair than the yoghurt, right? Do not get me wrong, I believe hair can do a lot (read: a lot) for your look, but I like it this way. A little messiness can do no harm and equals that perfect amount of je ne sais quoi.

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