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Now do not get me wrong, I love the new direction Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are taking with Kenzo and despite the fact that I would not buy one, I love their über popular sweaters. It is just that I am wondering, where does such commotion come from? How come this seasons Kenzo sweaters – along with the outer space Balenciaga sweaters and t-shirts – are so immensely popular?

Does such thing happen right after the show? Right after the pictures pop up on Is it because Kenzo has a new – not to mention super cool – design team? If that is the case, then how do we explain the Balenciaga hype? Is it because the label says Balenciaga? Or did it happen right after a few street style favorites (read Miroslava Duma) were spotted wearing them? Would the same have happened when they were from a less known brand or from a department store? I mean these sweaters do not come cheap. And I have seen tons of things that are equally awesome, but do not fly out of stores this quickly.

I can not really point my finger on this phenomenon, as I would describe it, but I find it very intriguing. I wonder what it is going to be next season.

Anyway, I will let you know when I find out…

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  • Tiara says:

    Hey Sabrina! I wouldn’t wear any of those sweaters even if somebody paid me too! hahah
    Maare ik vind jou style echt super tof, ik kijk dagelijks uit naar jou posts!

  • Nienke says:

    I think you should broaden your question to whatever it is that causes any hype. Every season has its popular designs or must-have-pieces. Maybe you can find the answer by asking what the diffrence is between those hypes and classics people will always want to wear. Personally I think it has something to do with people being psychologically programmed to be interested in something new, mostly something that they already knew, but has been updated to be something ‘better’.

    • afterdrk says:

      @Nienke: Thank you for your interesting comment, I love that idea and I think you are totally right.

      • Charlotte says:

        I also find that an interesting overarching topic. I’ve always wondered about this with All Stars vs Vans, for example. Somehow All Stars seem to be classics, “always good”, while Vans could be considered more as a streetstyle hype. But in the end their both sneakers. So what is the difference and why?

  • I think when popular people like Miroslava Duma & others start wearing something, well.. then this “something” becomes immediately popular even if the majority of people doesn’t like it!
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  • Laura Dittrich says:

    I personally don’t like the Kenzo sweaters and don’t understand the hype floating around them. On the other hand, the Balenciaga Egyptofunk collection is the meaning of cool. Ever since I saw the t-shirts and sweaters I was drooling over them. The material and shape is out of the ordinary and very futuristic cool, like nothing else I have ever seen. They are extraordinary in my opinion, but man they are not cheap. If you like this futuristic minimalism then the Egyptofunk is your cup of tea, while the Kenzo hype is just hipsterish. 🙂 x

    Paint me in the landscape

    • Laura Dittrich says:

      Expanding what I want to say, I just mean there is a difference between both hypes mentioned. For me, the Balenciaga designs of sweaters and t-shirts is pure art, very avant-garde, futuristic and minimalist, while the Kenzo sweaters are just part of the hype that roots in consumerist culture that nurtures the need to show off designer brands and labels and their latest “it” items.

  • Tine says:

    I guess after YEARS of hiding brands, people now want to show that they are able to buy a “real” designer piece. And with todays’ (copycat) fashion chains like ZARA or H&M it’s often not obvious if someone is wearing a designer piece or just the copy of it. So I think people feel the need to show brands again.

  • Benita says:


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  • Malena says:

    Zo grappig dat je hier over schrijft, dit heb ik me dus ook lopen afvragen haha!

  • I totally agree on that! Sometimes I don’t get the fuss about some designer brands too…they’re just sweaters

  • Naina says:

    It’s just the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ phenomenon, in my opinion. People will buy the weirdest (& sometimes ugliest) things not because they’re worth it, but because they have a label on it. Quite sad when personal style is forgotten in favor of keeping with the ‘trend’.

  • Clochet says:

    I’m reading very interesting comments on this post Sabrina! Maybe it’s just a really good marketing campaign? I don’t really know how it works but could be that ‘Miloslava Duma & friends’ get paid to wear them, or street style photographers to capture them…It just doesn’t feel natural to me, I think that there must be something else behind, like a very well studied marketing campaign…Just thoughts!

    • TeuntjeVDW says:

      @Clochet I also think it’s a well thought marketing strategy!

    • Peach says:

      I agree with Clochet, there might be some marketing campaign behind this fuss, otherwise I don’t understand how it works. I liked the Kenzo sweater in the beginning but seeing it everywhere has caused the opposite effect on me: I got tired of it. But as I saw on other comments, maybe it is the fact that the brand is shown upfront what makes people want to wear it. It makes a difference with what we are used to see in other high street brands and so it is like ‘hey, here I am and I am wearing this sweater which I know you recognize’.

      And I also believe this hype wouldn’t exist if street style favorites and it-girls such as Miroslava Duma hadn’t worn it in the first place. I mean, I sometimes think that it doesn’t matter whether some of their outfits are ugly (objectively speaking), many people will die to wear them.

  • alexx says:

    I agree, I’m not a huge fan of em’ either.


  • TeuntjeVDW says:

    I was also thinking about this phenomenon and I don’t get why everyone want the same Kenzo sweater. I don’t get the popularity of them. Tell me if you know the answer 😉 xx.

  • Vanessa says:

    I think Kenzo did a clever step by sending theire sweaters to famous editors and bloggers. I my opinion that was the beginning of the hype, because people admire these girls and want to be like them. After this, smaller shops like H&M, Asos, Zara became aware of this phenomen and because of their opportunity to make collections during the season very fast the trend began everywhere..! I think it could be every item, the main point is, that this item is worn from the right person.
    xx, Vanessa

  • Sarah says:

    Have you noticed that these sweaters are kind of like “in your face”? Well, maybe that’s
    where the answer is. The more out there an item is, the more fashionistas will be drawn to them
    and the more noticeable these fashionistas are, the more they are papped right?
    But we are not really complaining are we? Personally, its just more stuff to drool over.

  • Rebecca says:

    I think it has to do with that whole “missing out” syndrome people talk about. Someone popular/famous/etc. has worn it and now we’re wired in our culture to be afraid if we don’t have it we’ll be missing out on something crucial to our status/happiness/well-being, etc. I love that you wrote about it {wouldn’t wear either also}.

  • Rielle says:

    Interessante post Sabrina. Ik ben het wel met je eens, waarom zijn die truien nu opeens HOT? Ik denk omdat voorbeelden/ it girls hem dragen. Ook is een van de bekenste foto’s die tijdens NY fashion week is gemaakt wel de foto van Miroslava Duma en Elena Perminova met de Kenzo trui aan. Ik heb hem op heel veel blogs gezien. En zo steekt de ene de ander aan.

    De balenciaga collectie vind ik prachtig maar gaat hetzelfde als hier boven, mensen ‘steken’ elkaar gewoon aan. Maar zoals ik al zei vind ik de trui prachtig, gisteren heb ik een look – a – like besteld 😉

    x Riëlle

  • Emilie Lau says:

    I personally love sweaters in general but I find these ones just ugly to be honest.
    I hate the ‘material’ they used for the Balenciaga sweater, and I find the Kenzo one uninteresting, as it is a simple basic one and I also don’t get the hype in it.
    As for why it is popular, you said it, it’s because famous fashion bloggers were seen wearing them and people saw it and loved/hated it and since she’s a trend maker it became something fashionable, which is the thing I really (not despise exactly), but sort of disappoint me in fashion. It is also popular because now each season (or month really) you must have something new and trendy to still be ‘cool’.
    Ah this kinda sound like I’m really against fashion which I’m not 🙂 , anyway I’ll stop now.

    PS : I really love the bracelet you created, your blog and new design. Congratulations on anything you do, you are one my favorite blogger!

  • Mandy says:

    What I don’t understand is why people want to pay so much money to look the same as everyone else!. I wonder how those people felt turning up to fashion week, after spending a heap of money, thinking the look cool and then spotting someone close by wearing the same top. Part of what is exciting about fashion, is the way people put things together. With these tops there is no creativity!

  • I kind of like them but not as much as to pay big bucks for them… 😉 xo, Alma

  • Sheila says:

    Firstly, I believe it all begins with a good marketing plan. With stores like Zara and H&M knocking off designer items every season, brands like Balenciaga and Kenzo must do more than simply show them on the runway. They must send them to HIGHLY famous fashion bloggers so said blogger can style it according to their style and make the world drool over it. That’s where I believe this hype starts. The idea that you can look just as fashionable, chic, sophisticated, trendy, sexy, etc. as the blogger. And most importantly, be equally as admired and respected in the fashion world/industry. After all, everyone wants to be admired.

    Now for me, personally, I believe the Kenzo sweaters are GOD AWFUL UGLY and very gawdy. I simply wouldn’t wear one. Let alone spend my money on one. They remind me of Coogi sweaters from back in the day. However, the Balenciaga sweaters, in my opinion, are very well designed. The artwork in the center is intriguing, yet the rest of the sweater is amazingly simplistic. The material appears of greater quality, the lines are clean, and the silhouette has a twist to a traditional sweater silhouette. However, despite all that I love about the Balenciaga sweater, I would NOT pay that price for it. It is a sweater, that more than likely will not be in style come next Autumn/Winter.

    For that I indeed did go to Zara and purchase the White Tiger Leather Applique Sweater that I believed embodied this trend, was minimalistic, of good quality, intriguing to look at, and didn’t break my pocketbook.

  • Rowan says:

    Het is niet mijn smaak, maar ik vind het bij sommige mensen wel heel gaaf staan.
    En goed punt heb je, waar komt die hype opeens vandaan?



  • erin says:

    Interesting topic. I guess people these days are intrigued by this as it is a breath of fresh air. Like many have mentioned, every season has it’s highlight and this time, people are more attracted to see something practical more over anything else. It has always been there but people only started taking notice to this printed sweater trend when it’s something done by big names like Balenciaga and Kenzo. People tend to have this mentality of wanting to wear something when it is made by topnotch designers without actually thinking they could just have the exact same thing from the department store with a way lower price, of course.

  • Lola reggy says:

    What’s the fuss?? I think it is due to all the popular bloggers wearing them!!
    I’ve seen the fuss items a dozen times by real cool people, styling
    it all real cool!
    All <3Lola

  • Lisa says:

    I like them, but I know what you mean! Really weird one something becomes a hype all of a sudden. Didn’t this one start with the green sweater? If you know which one I mean :p What exactly started it..? I don’t know. If they knew the secret behind hypes, it wouldn’t be hypes anymore, than it’s just marketing.

  • pau says:

    I design sweatshirts, I started last year. But I remember seeing them in Givenchy Fall 2010, one’s that were sheer and had transparent and I think velvet. Alexander Wang also had sweatershirts, he had one with fringe and leather in the front. Then GTivenhy came again but this time in menswear. The ones with the dog and the shark, etc.
    Then I started seeing them more and more. Even in Resort 2013. Then Kenzo came giving them (i guess for free to the guests in their fashionshow) and everyone was wearign ’em including the russians. So I guess it’s something that came little by little.
    BUt yeah, they’ve been here for a while but it’s a relly hype thing now. They’re totally on trend. And I’m glad cause I hope I can sell more :/ (the first ones were kinda hard to sell, seems that men use them more than women do. ) that’s one I made with lace in the sleeves. And here’s another one: that one is transparent in all the upper part.

  • Fisayo says:

    I do not get the hype myself. Those things go for more than $3,000

  • B. says:

    Ik vind die Kenzo sweaters wel leuk, maar ben zelf eerder een “bloesjes meisje ” dus zou ze niet kopen.. Maar het valt inderdaad wel op dat ook de typische ” bloesjesmeisjes” plots ook met baggy sweaters rondlopen dankzij Kenzo, Marant en Balenciaga.
    Misschien hebben deze merken getoond dat je met giant sweaters er nog steeds stylish en vrouwelijk kan uitzien ?

    Maar ik ga zeker niet ontkennen dat de merknaam een grote rol speelt, maar aan de andere kant kan je je tekstje dan wel toepassen op een heleboel trendy kledingstukken en accesoires. De oversized jas, wedge sneakers, zelfs jou Givenchy laarzen zijn allemaal dingen die waarschijnlijk veel minder populair ( of zelfs gehaat ) gingen zijn moesten ze op de markt gebracht zijn door een klein onbekend merk.
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  • Eva says:

    Ik vraag me dit wel vaker af en ik zou het eigenlijk niet weten.Wel interessant om uit te zoeken 😉

  • Nesrin says:

    These sweaters are very pretty! They got my attention as well!


  • Ania says:

    I think your really have a piont, if the photos of those sweaters weren’t on the internet people wouldn’t recognize them so fast and they wouldn’t spread so fast through the bloggosphere! Also I think that the brand makes a lot, the Kenzo jumpers are amazing, but If they haven;t have the name written, they probably wouldn;t be such a hit !


  • Nikita says:

    Het blijft inderdaad een apart fenomeen… Heel interessant om te zien hoe de influencers verplaatst zijn van de catwalk naar de straat. Niet dat de catwalkshows helemaal geen invloed hebben, want dat hebben ze vanzelfsprekend wel, maar als (zoals jij zegt) iemand als Miroslava iets aantrekt zie je geheid twee dagen later iedereen erin lopen. Vind het echt heel intrigerend!
    Ik heb zelf geschreven over een ander fenomeen, nl. dunne modellen en de focus op het lichaam ipv de gezondheid, misschien vind je dat interessant om te lezen?


  • We are blinded by the label and by streestyle icons outfits!

  • Tabea says:

    True story 😀 I have actually already asked me the same question. I think the hype started through some famous bloggers wearing them and everyone is craving for them now. It´s really impressing to observe how trends evolve. The Kenzo sweater is just one example out of many isn´t it?

  • Emma says:

    I’m not a huge fan of these sweaters but I don’t absolutely hate them. However, I really don’t understand why so many people have been going crazy over them. I generally think it’s because of the people who have been seen wearing them previously that makes people want to buy them. I don’t agree with that at all because style and fashion should be personal!

  • Madeleine says:

    Inderdaad interessant om over na te denken. Bloggers hebben inmiddels natuurlijk ook een grote invloed. Maar hoe het zo snel kan gaan.. Don’t know!
    xo Madeleine

  • Katarina says:

    hmmm… I have to say I think those sweaters are kind of hideous 😀

  • Why?
    Admiration and exclusivity fuels fervour.

  • Anna-Irena says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been thinking about the same phenomenon since a while and still cannot tell why few kitschy sweaters can become so hype on a mass scale during one fashion week…

  • capucine says:

    oh well sabrina you should really know how this phenomenon works since you’ve been part of it many times : celine bag, celine sandals, chanel boy bag, givenchy boots, aren’t those trendy items too, didn’t you desperately want them because you considered them to be must-haves? of course you liked them too, but in the first place you wanted them because they were THE items to have, it’s how the fashion system works, and it works the same way with you. just think about it.

    • afterdrk says:

      @capucine: I think with the Kenzo sweaters it is a whole different story/level. Of course there’s trends and ofcourse I go with them everynow and then. But the Céline bag was a real investment piece, I saw it, I wanted it, I saved for it and I have been using it ever since, every single day. With the Céline sandals, they aren’t everywhere like the Kenzo sweaters, but yes they are popular. I just liked the look of the black sandals mixed with the heavy metal heel and went for it. It is not because they were everywhere that I wanted them. Same with the Chanel bag, it is not even available in stores yet in the color that I wanted from the moment I saw it on the runway (I wrote a post about it back then). Same story with the Givenchy boots, love at first sight.

      I do understand what you are trying to say though, but I think with these items it is on a whole different level. Like it was/is with the Givenchy dog/shark/gorilla t-shirt and those Christopher Kane animal t-shirts a while back. It is way more specific.

      • capucine says:

        I think it’s exactly the same psychological mechanism that made you lust after, save for months and then buy those specific things. you don’t get why people would spend their money on a trendy kenzo or balenciaga sweater because you don’t personally like those specific items and you wouldn’t buy them yourself, but if it was something else, something you really really like you would’t be asking yourself the question, you would immediately ‘get the fuss’. p.s. mine it’s not a critic, it’s just a point of view.

  • Fauzia says:

    Ik vroeg me precies hetzelfde af!? Hoe is het zo snel een hupe geworden? Het blijft een raadsel voor mij…

  • Laura says:

    Ik denk eigenlijk dat dit fenomeen samengaat met de groeiende streetstyle scene. Ik herriner me een blogpost van Leandra Medine over het hele ‘geschoten worden door een streetstyle fotograaf’ en denk echt dat de hype van deze bijzondere en vooral opvallende stukken hier mee te maken heeft. Ik denk soms stiekem dat sommige kledingstukken worden gedragen om het opvallen, en ze nadat ze inderdaad opgevallen zijn, en zijn verschenen op de bekende streetstyle blogs zal de verkoop denk ik harder gaan. Het is allemaal maar een theorie, en ik heb er bar weinig verstand van,maar ik wilde toch even mijn mening delen.