Unfortunately I will not be attending London Fashion Week this season, but Burberry makes it up to me by letting me live stream their show. Make sure to tune in over here on Monday the 17th at 4pm London time. Enjoy!


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  1. That´s cool. I´ll stay tuned :D

  2. this invite is wonderful….so classy and fun at the same time :)!

  3. I will stay tunned :)


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  4. Burberry always knows how to be classy. Shame we won’t get your exceptional photos of the show though!

  5. live streams are better than being at the show standing or 6th row if you ask me, it’s the best view of the house! f you want to know what I wore to LFW for the first day, check out my new outfit post, beware I am wearing the double GIVENCHY nose rings lol-

    xx nathan.niche

  6. That’s a good compromise!

  7. that is to bad that you can’t go but this is great as well!!!

  8. Wat gaaf die klok die aftelt zeg! Kan niet wachten :P

  9. The paper London city looks gorgeous!.. can’t wait to see the show.

    Virginie/ Style Reload

  10. OMG thank you so much Sabrina. That’s the show that I was waiting for. The three main collection that i’ll die to discover every season are the Louis Vuitton collections and of course Marc Jacob’s personal collections as well; Chanel & Burberry. I’m never disappointed by their creations and even if I can’t afford any of it (yet :) they are so inspiring.
    Kiss Andie ;) Thanks again

  11. do you know the first song name is??loved it so much,amazing..and I cant find it anywhere,please:)

  12. What a great show, always loved Burberry! Xo

    – –

  13. Whats the name of the song? So beautiful

    1. Tom Odell – another love

  14. Tom Odell is the musician. The song is called ‘Another Love’

  15. Totally in love with this collection. AMAZING coats

  16. Love that pop-up invite! so cute!


  17. Love that pop-up invite! so cute!


  18. I totally love this kind of shows! A lots of beautiful pieces, with som gorgeous models ofcourse! Great collection!

    Thanks for sharing!

    With love,


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