Last Thursday I had the honor to be one of the girls being dressed by the amazing Burberry for their store opening on the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. I day before the opening, I had a fitting at the newly opened and very beautiful Conservatorium Hotel and I had a tough time choosing between all the pretty birds hanging in the rack. Am I going to wear a dress? Is it going to be a pair of skinny jeans with a transparent shirt? Or a classic trench? I went for this beige trenchcoat, with a darkbrown leather rim (beautifully crafted!) a darkblue skinny jean and a pair of killer heels with raffia detailing in the back. A good decision if you ask me, I’ve never been stopped so many times for what I was wearing.


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  1. And yess, je zag er echt fab uit meid! And you made a great choice to wear the Burberry trench! Sooo timeless!
    Still dreaming about having a Burberry trench in my closet, some day…..;)

  2. omg i’m in love with the shoes, just amazing !!

  3. This is so awesome. Congrats!

  4. It looks amazing, the trenchcoat you’re wearing is beautiful!

  5. CONGRATS, those pics are very nice, love the shoes!!

    xxx Giorgia

  6. My Burberry trench is my favorite piece of my wardrobe. You can never go wrong with it!

  7. you lucky girl!! love what you chose, such a beautiful outfit. You can never go wrong with one of their trenches and those shoes are so killer.

  8. That trench looks so good on you!

  9. Amazing! Love burberry!
    Thank you!
    Have a nice day!xx

  10. I am so so so unbelievably jealous. Burberry has always been one of my favorites and it would be a dream come true to own those items!! congrats!!

  11. I am so envious of you! I think it was a good choice. The coat is perfect.

  12. Oh wauw, wat een geweldige trenchcoat! Je ziet er echt geweldig uit.
    Hele mooie foto’s!

  13. I love Burberry… And the first Burberry store from Romania ( 2 min away from my home) is about to open pretty soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Adore the trench. The leather trim on it make it timeless yet trendy. Thanks for posing a bit for me :)

  15. super mooie kleding en accesoires ! wist niet dat burberry een make-up collectie heeft ?!
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  16. Wow,I’m glad I wasn’t the one trying all that clothes,cause I don’t know would I leave it;)

  17. Wat een leuke post heb je ervan gemaakt, ziet er gezellig uit! X

  18. Je zag er echt waanzinnig uit. Prachtige jas! Hoop dat je een leuke verjaardag hebt met veel taaqrt, cadeautjes en gezelligheid ;)


  19. Well, they should get you as their official model/endorser. Move over Emma Watson! :-P You looked amazing. Great choice. Love the shoes xx

  20. What gorgeous accessories! I love the shoes and clutches.

  21. classic burberry, love it. and the shoes are gorgeous!
    january, x

  22. Their store is beautiful! I love their classic trench coat, it’s so chic and perfectly tailored. Looks like a lot of fun, lucky you :]

  23. wauw, de winkel ziet er echt prachtig uit! En jij ook!

  24. you’re such a lucky girl!! great outfit I’d say!

  25. Leuke foto’s! De trenchcoat op de 1e foto is echt heel mooi!

    liefs Mireille

  26. I think you chose well! That trenchcoat is a good fit! Lovely pics!

  27. I’m so jealous! That’s so cool congrats! you look amazing!

  28. WAUW, lucky, lucky girl!!! Geweldige trench <3


  29. You can never go wrong with a trench. I bought a black Burberry trench 2 years ago and it was one of my best investments ever! // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  30. Super cute! You lucky girl!

  31. the beaded shoes ar so awesome!

  32. SO lucky I love the picture with cara delevigne and Eddy redmayne!


  33. Choosen wisely as expected, you made the difference following your personal style sense! I’d love to see you wearing the entire ensemble :)


  34. Everything looks so perfect.

  35. You look strikingly beautiful! :)

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