Just like Yves Saint Laurent changed (part of) its name a couple of weeks ago, Cacharel is doing kind of the same. Adding Paris to the already existing. What do you think of all the name changing? Smart move? Or ‘what the heck are they thinking’ kind of move?

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  1. Het veranderen van een naam is juridisch een enorme rompslomp (contracten, kvk, merknaam registratie blabla) dus ik volg het niet zo; ik denk dat men verwacht dat het imago van het label een boost krijgt. Of het is een eem reclame stunt ten tijde van recessie: we hebben geen tijd, geld of whatever voor een nieuw product; daarom veranderen we onze naam maar…..

  2. If they wanted to attract a new customer group and reinvent their style I might understand the move. But just for the sake of having a new name? I don’t get the point!

    Friederike for Project Style (

    • @Project Style: They are changing from a designer brand into a contemporary brand and are lowering their prices. Their founder said the name change is because they want to be strong in Paris and the rest of France and if they can’t be strong there, they can’t be strong in the rest of the world. I personally don’t get the whole name changing thing, unless you’re completely changing the whole concept, everything. Cacharel is a strong name, why add Paris? Same with Yves Saint Laurent, it is definitely going to take a while before everyone starts saying Saint Laurent Paris instead of the name they are familiar with.

      • I feel like if you already have a successful brand, there’s no need to switch it up. However, they can’t really be blamed; it’s the same way we re-do our websites and re-invent ourselves. And at least it’s not as unnecessary as Saint Laurent Paris.
        Just don’t your name to afterDRK Amsterdam!

  3. A Marketing thing, smart move business wise but I don’t really like that groove lately….. it should be more about creating and a bit less about business, but maybe I’m just a dreamer…..

  4. Thanks for pointing this out – I’d have no idea unless u posted this! I don’t understand the decision neither, but people and companies are doing loads of crazy stuff, which are out of normal people comprehension, so who knows, maybe this “brand-changing” is now coming into the fashion and soon we can expect even “H&M Stockholm”!!! Lenka, xx

  5. Paris is giving it more character?
    Love Paris, don’t get me wrong. And I think a lot of people will start thinking: hey..Cacharel Paris..nice.
    But where’s the add? It’s like every brand thinks there products will be better when adding the word ‘Paris’.
    But nowadays it’s a really average add. Come with better products, and your brand will gain more attention in the right way.


  6. Cacharel Paris sounds ok, not sure it’s worth the trouble though… weirder is YSL becoming SLP. SLP has no meaning whatsoever. Who’s ever going to say that?

  7. I definitely think that the whole YSL changing their name was the biggest mistake ever. Simply taking out the Yves out of Yves Saint Laurent changes majorly. Why would you change the name of a brand that has been known one way for years, to quickly uproot and change it? It’s so stupid. I would be very mad if I had invested money on items that had the logo of YSL on it, and changed it to SLP.

    However, who knows what comes out of changing their name? It could possibly cause a new direction — maybe. I don’t know. I think it’s dumb.