There is a new toy in town, the Canon EOS M. It is their first interchangeable-lens compact system camera, which means it is as small as a normal digital camera, but able to capture super high-quality images that are even better than my – now old – DSLR. It comes with two different lenses and has these fun effects like ‘grainy black and white’, ‘fish-eye’ and ‘toy camera’, that I literally can not wait to play around with. Bye bye Instagram?

I have been wanting to get a good but small camera for ages… It just makes it easy to take anywhere and capture everything that I want on the go.

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  1. Would love to hear your reviews and how best to use it, like what settings, which lens you find the best, what’s it like on automatic or manual etc.

  2. Tof, ik ben superbenieuwd naar het resultaat! Ben stiekem altijd een beetje sceptisch tov ‘nog beter dan DSLR camera’s', omdat velen dat pretenderen, maar ik nog nooit eentje heb gezien die ik ook werkelijk zou inruilen voor mijn DSRL, maar ik heb hier al goede verhalen over gehoord.. kan niet wachten op je foto’s! :)


  3. I have a similar type of rig: a panasonic GF1 with Voigtlander Cosina lenses. I love it, but lust after a bigger sensor. So far, a fast lens is helpful, can take nice photos in the dark handheld. I hope you love this. It has a lovely shape.

  4. This is pointless. These things are called SYSTEMS-that means you’ll have two or three or four lenses, a flash, triggers..and there you go dragging a bag or backpack that weighs 5 kilos, same as a DSLR, and regarding the quality of the pictures, there’s simply no comparison between a DSLR and this mutant. This camera is ugly, ergonomy is nonexistent, the sensor is too big for its class. And instead of giving the bayonette to the perfectly balanced G1X, they give it to this crap.I can’t imagine pairing this tiny camera with a, say, 70-200 2.8. I’m a 12 year Canon user, currently using a 5D mark II with a variety of L lenses, but this is a very wrong move by Canon.

  5. heeeel ver terug in de tijd, maar ik sta op het punt een nieuwe camera te kopen en deze staat op dit moment op nr 1.
    1 nadeel is alleen dat ik in veel reviews lees dat hij bij bewegend beeld slecht is? en ik vroeg me af wat jouw ervaringen daarmee zijn aangezien je hem toch best vaak meeneemt bij streetstyle foto’s en catwalk shows?
    ik hoop dat je dit nog leest haha


  6. I know this is an old post, but could you tell us which camera(s) you use on a regular basis to make photos for the blog? Or which cameras you’d really recommend for bloggers just starting out. Thanks!

    • No worries! I usually (almost always) use a Canon 5d Mark 3 with a 85mm 1.2f lens. It’s a really expensive body and lens, but apart from being a blogger I also do quite some photography (editorials, campaigns) on the side, so for me it was worth the investment. For smaller, more affordable cameras I am unfortunately not familiar enough with them to know… I am not sure if this is of any help.