It took me a while to find the perfect I-do-not-know-what-these-are-particularly-called cap. I even almost splurged on one that was way to expensive for something that I am probably going to wear less than 250 times (that is what it cost) and paying more than a euro per wear for some headgear is crazy, no? I mean for shoes, it is a different story. Eventually found mine here…go go go!

Urban Outfitters cap, Uniqlo turtleneck, Samsoe & Samsoe jumper.

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    • @Daisy: I am doing three outfits a week, like always ;) Unfortunately I can not do more, since my boyfriend is my current photographer and he has a fulltime job…sorry!

  1. This week I started to look for the same cap and I didn’t find that on Asos.
    Thanks for share it here!
    Now I’m looking for very stylish brown boots with high heels, do you know where to find?

  2. Sabrina, love your blog and your monochrome styles. Here goes a hello directly from Brazil. Keep up your excellent work. Big kisses!

  3. really nice;) and the previous post about Dior wonderful! indeed it was like a fairytale those shoes and skirts kept me dreaming. Hey I was wondering what mascara do you use? I just love the way your lashes look, very natural don’t know how to describe it. Maybe it is the way you apply it? hahaha don’t know.

    Greetings! :) xx

    • @Geraldine: Thank you! About the mascara, I always use a random one and I don’t have a favorite. I think at the moment I use the MaxFactor 2000 calories, but it can be a different one tomorrow. I do apply my mascara a little differently. I hold the brush vertically instead of horizontally, always. Maybe that helps? You should try, makes it super easy to reach all your lashes. Xx

      • sorry to jump into your convo, girls, but wow, this advise is very interesting, it’s something new for me! I will try it too, thanks for sharing!:)