Excuse me for stepping out in what look like bathroom slippers in these pictures, but they are actually the really cool leather perforated shoes I blogged about yesterday. They do feel like bathroom slippers though, comfy as they are. And comfy is exactly how I want to dress after a month of Fashion Week madness, which usually comes with blisters et all.

Coat, COS; Sweater, Hope; Leather Leggings, Samsoe & Samsoe; Sneakers, Vince.

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  1. Hi, ‘et al.’ is generally used in a different context, without the extra ‘l’. If you have a list of people (not things) and you don’t want to name them all, you use ‘et al.’

  2. You look sooo great!
    I think not everybody would look that good in those shoes!
    Love how you combined it :)
    You just know how to do it, like always..
    I love your coat by the way !