Just came back from a Chanel nailpolish workshop. They showed me their new jeans and April, May and June colors and I got my nails done (in the color June, if anyone’s wondering). I haven’t been wearing that much nailpolish lately, but these colors make me wish for spring to start early and have my nails in a different color each and every day. Or maybe each and every month and follow the bottle’s names.


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  1. Mooie kleur! Ik heb de laatste tijd ook helemaal geen nagellak op! Inderdaad, misschien in de lente weer…

  2. the color on your nails is very cute !

  3. Those colour coordinated cupcakes are too cute! It’s all about the details :)

  4. Erg mooie kleur!! Let the spring begin :D
    xo Madeleine

  5. Fijne kleur inderdaad! Ik heb ‘m net vorige week gehaald (june). Maakt de winter een stuk zonniger!

  6. Wat een mooi lakje. Echt een goede kleur voor de lente en zomer!

  7. The “June” color nail lacquer is total eye candy. x

  8. Such a cute color! And those cupcakes look delicious! // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  9. Mooi kleurtje! En mmm ik krijg trek van die cupcakes.

  10. Love the colour you have on your nails!

  11. I love june! I love the tangerine color


  12. I had a look at April, May and June today – April is my favourite! I really want it.

  13. The cupcake matching nailpolish idea is super cute.

  14. I’m loving the June orangy color!

  15. Ik ben gek op April!! June is ook mooi maar niet echt een kleurtje wat ik nu ook al op zou doen..

  16. I used to wear nail polish all the time and then just got into a rut of not wearing it, but I love these colors! So fun that they matched the cupcakes to the nail polish! – Aliya

  17. this post makes me happy, like any other thing that’s chanel.. the nail polishes are gorgeous.

  18. nice color on your nails! :)


  19. Lucky you!! I just love chanel nailpolishes well at least the colors ( haven’t tried the yet haha) but they are quite expensive.
    anyway your blog is really good you should be proud :)
    / Elsa 13.

  20. This makes me want spring so bad!

  21. love the cupcakes!!!, the pink one is really my colour, love it that they name it after the months, probably going to buy may, since that’s the moth of my birtday

  22. Oh, wat een eer dat je daar heen mocht. Leuk zeg!

  23. this event looks super cute. the nail polish color on your nails is really great!

    X, Annie

  24. Mooie kleur heb je gekozen! Ik was er ook en heb zelf voor de blue boy gekozen uit de mooie jeans collectie. Oh en op welke foto heb jij gestemd? ;)

  25. love chanel nailpolish so last fav is Periot :) also like the color on your nails too:)

  26. nice colors! june is probably the best :) love that kind of soft colors in nailpolish.
    the cupcakes seems awesome hehehhe

  27. Oh wat gaaf zeg! Prachtige kleurtjes ook.Wanneer wordt het nou toch lente…



  29. Wat een mooie kleur, daarvan krijg je zeker zin in de lente! x

  30. That apricot orange polish is devine!

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