Claes Iversen got the honor to open Amsterdam Fashion Week last night, with a mix of elements from his previous collections. The Danish designer opened with minimalistic looks in grey and neutral tones, followed by colorful floral prints and butterfly decorations. What I really liked about his show was the storyline and how the neutral tones fluently went from bold floral looks to more dramatic colors and dresses. My favorite piece from this SS2013 collection is that black long sleeved dress with an amazing amount of handwork. I personally would have loved to see a different shoe, this silver one looks a bit cheap to me in comparison with the super chique collection.


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  1. I love the collection :)

    x For Happy Days

  2. Wauw mooie collectie hoor!

  3. Mooie foto’s! EN ik ben het met je eens! Wel grappig, ik heb de schoenen helemaal niet gezien omdat ik redelijk naar achter zat! Maar inderdaad, ik had zelf ook voor andere schoenen of voor een afwisseling van schoenen gekozen…

  4. the collection is absolutely gorgeous!!! love the second picture with that flower print blouse! xo, Alma

  5. The collection looks wonderful. I love every single look shown here, that doesn’t happen all that often. :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  6. In looooove with the texture and silhouette’s used… killer!

    A study in pastel…


  7. Not my kind of thing…but I can see why someone would like it!

  8. It looks a bit like under water colors for the blue ones and the red reminds me of volcanic stones and lava, very nature inspired. It definitely looks precopious but a comlicated to wear.

  9. That looks amazing! Read something about it in the newspaper to! Wish I was there.



    Style Route

  10. Wow the dress on the picture before the last is so beautiful ! So much details !

  11. I loved the look you caught on the third pic. Really amazed by the different fabrics and details of the collection. Agree on the shoes!

  12. amazing photos and pieces!

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