Just a bunch of photos to thank everyone that came to my first (but definitely not last) event! Closet Affair was great, I had so much fun and found new owners for lots of my old clothes.

Special thanks goes out to Roest, Soopl, Jackie Magazine, She Energy Drink, Vanilia, ILoveFashionNews, ModeMusthaves, Samsoe & Samsoe, Fashionchick and the other girls that were selling their clothes.

I would also like to thank all friends and boyfriends that came and help us out the entire day.

See you in six months at the second edition?

ps/ There’s more photos on Facebook!


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  1. Oh my god it looks so much fun!!

  2. That is quite an unusual event. It does look like everybody had a lot of fun there.

  3. Ik had ook zo graag willen komen maar kon niet weg uit Rotterdam :( Hoop volgende keer, ziet er super uit :D

  4. Looks like fun! Couldn’t make it unfortunately! Will definitely check it out next time :)
    xo Madeleine

  5. I wish I could’ve been there! I’ll do my best to be there on the second edition! // x Krizia //Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  6. Goed gedaan MEIS!

  7. Het was leuk! Sta ik daar toch even mooi in de eerste pic (charming :)) LOL XO Rebecca

  8. Jeej,nog eentje in 6 maanden!
    Daar ga ik zeker bij zijn!

  9. I went to closet affair and it was great! Good job Sabrina :) i anticipate the day the second edition will come!
    XOXO Ryanne

    visit my blog:

  10. wooowww, it was great!! it is a pity and I cannot go there!

    why don’t you do it also through internet??? I could buy something!!!!!

  11. I am glad it was successful. That means you freed up more space for new pieces :)


  12. Sabrina you look SO beautiful in the Facebook pictures .. you should smile more for your blog photos, you have amazing teeth haha (not creepy I promise)

  13. beautiful pictures! :) xx

  14. this seems like it was such a great event, I definitely need to come next time

    X, Annie

  15. Sh*t, I missed out a lot! I’m definitely gonna be there next time, I promise :)

    With love, POSE-BLOG.COM

  16. It is a great idea and a cool event. I would love to participate as a seller next time. Have many designer clothes that I hardly wear in my closet.

  17. Really beautiful picture of you, the one in black ‘n white


  18. Het ziet er erg leuk en gezellig uit. De derde foto is super leuk :)

  19. You have a wonderful blog
    kisses from your follower! ♡

  20. Yay! There will be second edition.. Can’t wait!! xoxo

  21. was leuk :) dankjewel voor je reactie!

  22. Wat een leuk idee! Als ik nog in Nederland zou wonen was ik zeker even langs gekomen. Goed om te horen dat het zo succesvol was. – I am hosting a GIVEAWAY!

  23. aww must’ve been fun!

  24. Nogmaals, echt balen dat ik er niet bij kon zijn, is er nog wat leuks over voor een online ronde ;)

    XO Charlotte

  25. urgh so gutted i actually don’t live in the netherlands right now.. seems like they were amazing stuff and quite cheap compare to the real prices .. :(

  26. I’m so jealous of everyone who was there. I hope to be able to make it to the next edition all the way from Belgium :)

  27. Aww i wish I came!! :(


    http://WWW.PRETPENSER.COM <— GIVEAWAY on my blog babyyyy – it's the last day that you can win a PIN UP shirt, that will give volume to your breast and hips! ;)

    Com'on girllssss :)

  28. Leuke foto’s! Jammer dat ik er niet bij kon zijn…

    ♥ Annelien

  29. Million dollar smile! Really awesome pic & the event looks awesome, wish I had the time to go :c

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