Remember I wrote last week, how I sometimes wish I could throw all clothes that I own out and start from scratch with just a few pieces I already own? Well, I did it! A bit less drastically than I stated in that post last week, but I literally threw everything out and started hanging back the items I wanted to keep. There is four boxes of clothing, shoes and accessories waiting for a new owner. Whether that is my mom, one of my friends, somebody that really needs it more than I do, or…you?

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  1. Are you keeping your black H&M trend jumper in angora? If not, I’m really interested to buy it!!!
    Actually, I’m doing exactly the same thing right now, trying to throw a maximum of clothes.

  2. Hi Sabrina!
    Only 10 Basic are a interesting challenge because i think we all own more than we need. And im sure we just wear 20% of our clothes in a random loop.

    I stumbled upon your blog once as i was searching for the 5 piece french method. Maybe you can please make a challenge like wear only 10 piece for one week? :) Isnt this the gold standard of a good personal style?To not buy everything form the complete H&M season and wear everything once and then get rid of it?

    And… how do you sort your closet? Color or shape or more like summer and winter clothes? I really like your wardrobe and style. You have good basics.

    Thank you for reading my blah blah ;)
    xx Kat

  3. Aww could you do an online shop this time instead of a Closet Affair?! I’m not in Amsterdam (yet!) but I’d love to see what your closet has to offer – you have some of the best style out there and your pieces are so versatile.
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  4. you are so brave ..congratulations… I have been in Europe for a total of 7years now Im going back home to Zambia and its a serious wake up call for me to pack up and cargo what clothes I really need…

  5. It’s so liberating to edit one’s closet, isn’t it?! I did it again recently and I am not going to buy stuff anymore if it’s not perfect! I only wear the favourites in my closet anyway and I have a classic style, no need for trendy items. Saves money too, even if you buy more expensive new stuff.

  6. Hey Sabrina, lovely idea.
    But are you planning to sell somehow your old clothes? I think we are many interested waiting for that. Will you create a new sale blog or organise a new closet affair?

  7. Wow! All those people who said they have done the same thing as you did; I like that!. I wish I could do that too! I am a fashion student and this month I realize my style is actually very boring and save. So a new start for me, with a new style and new clothes. And within a year, I will be doing the same things as you are haha! (I hope..)

  8. Joepie!!! Ik heb je zara boots!! Plaats je nog dingen online? Ik ben volop online sale shopping aan het doen en zou liefst van al in u kast shoppen!!!



    • @Stephanie: Ze zijn al met de post mee! Dankjewel! Er komen nog meer dingen op hoor, houd het in de gaten ;)