Sweater, H&M Trend; Jeans, Paige; Boots, Balenciaga; Bag, Gérard Darel; Scarf, Zara; Watch, Juicy Couture.

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    • @Vanessa: Thank you dear! I am almost ashamed to tell you, but it’s from LeenBakker, a super cheap Dutch furniture store ;) Xx

  1. I thought they would look more heavy, but they look so cute because of the buckles! Can’t wait to see more pictures with these!

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a long time and just wanted to say congratulations on your success! Your website is beyond chic, you’re gorgeous and your closet is amazing! Life is pretty good ;) Anyway, just wanted to send my congrats and support. Take care xo

  3. Love yourr couch! great eye for detail in your interior’s decor :) well, about the boots they’re like the “cool badass kids ” from the shoes hahaha like them so much! anddd they definitely give that “special touch” to any outfit.

  4. Hey ! I m french and i love your blog ! And too your coffee table, where do you have this table ? CAN you give me the link please ? Thanks and Sorry for my bad english :)