For the observant reader, I posted this picture before, on August 17th, 2011 to be precise. It came with the text ‘so not me, but oh so cool’. Now what I failed to understand back then was that over the years I would grow very (VERY!!) fond of them. Obviously now that they are sold out literally everywhere, I convinced myself I need them.

You see, I always declared I am more a shorts than a skirt person. Fact is that I do love skirts, I just do not have the proper non-feminine shoe to make them more edgy, which is exactly how I want to wear skirts.

I know these shoes are somehow all over the place (that is what happens when they are sold out in stores; they show up on the streets) since they appeared on the runway few years back, but I can not seem to get them out of my head.

This is one of my very few desperate attempts I will do on my blog to find something that is probably impossible to find. So, is there anybody out there that can find me these in a size 38 (or something close to that size) – with either silver or mixed hardware?

ps: Trust me, I have tried eBay, but I refuse to pay more than what they cost in stores. This could be a temporary refusal though. Found them, thank you so so much for all the links and suggestions!

Picture by Lisa Galesloot.


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  1. Such a coincidence! I’m about to travel to Berlin, so I’ve checked a few stores I might visit.
    Just found this one and they sell those Balenciaga’s.
    I don’t know if they ship it, but you live close ;)
    Love your blog!

    1. @Liz: Shoot, thank you! I just called them, but they only have 37 and 41. Xx

      1. Hey Sabrina,

        I’ve just called them too but for now only a 41 available…
        Too bad!

  2. Hello Sabrina!! Unfortunately…I found only this pair, size 10..,default,pd.html?utm_source=GAN&
    Since I deeply love them too, but I couldn’t get them (they’re too expensive for me), I got a similar pair from Asos.. very cute and comfy!! :)

  3. Soraya got a pair for xmas, so fairly recently – maybe she can help :) x

    1. @camille: I know she got them from MyTheresa, but they don’t have any left. X

  4. I got them from the Balenciaga store in Athens. They still had some sizes when i got mine!!
    Hope you find them!!

    1. I called the store and they are completety sold out. :(

      1. @Bonnie, Clyde and Marni: Aww thanks so much for calling, you’re the best!

  5. LOVE these boots, must them , ideal for upcoming season oh yeah ♥

  6. Ah, those shoes. While I had the exact same thought ‘so cool but so not me’ I found a substitute that is a little more subtle. Maybe you’d like those too:
    Good luck on your hunt!

  7. hi Sabrina,
    Ik volg je blog al een tijdje met veel plezier. Echt heel cool dat je succes zich uitbreidt..en terecht! ;) Ik moet wel zeggen dat ik de Tommy H-reclame echt heel irritant vind (sorry!). Ik snap helemaal dat dit lucratieve deals zijn, maar misschien kun je het af zonder pop ups? Heel veel succes verder! xx

    1. @Ellen: Dankjewel! Helemaal begrijpelijk, ik zie er ook op toe dat dat zo min mogelijk gebeurt, maar soms kan ik er niet onderuit. Xx

  8. I’m in love with the shoes! They’re perfect.

    Breathe Me

    1. @Fashion Reactor: Barneys only has a size 40. Thanks for the help, I don’t like those Topshop ones ;)

  9. Oh wat vervelend! Ik had hetzelfde met de Topshop buckle boots. Bestelde ik ze eindelijk, kreeg ik een mailtje terug dat ze een fout hadden gemaakt en ze dus niet kwamen. Aaaargh! Nu heb ik ze alsnog elders gevonden, hoop dat dat jou ook lukt!! xx

    1. @IRENA: Yes I tried, but they don’t sell them at the moment :(

      1. Well… I’ll keep an eye on them and help you find them! I know how you feel :D

  10. I love this shoes too but no idea where to find them…but I completely agree they are awesome!!

  11. Hey Sabrina, I love these shoes too (pretty much all balenciaga shoes hahaha) but I heard they are incredibly uncomfortable. I think you should get something that’s more recent (not that these are out of style, of course) since there’re always amazing new shoes from the runway every season! :)

  12. Haha leuk geschreven, succes met de queeste!

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  13. I really, really don’t get the fuss about these… To me they look more like an orthopedic shoe than anything else.

    1. Haha, totally agree.

  14. they are cool but on tall skinny girls, otherwise they make your legs look shorter and wider…

  15. At the first sight, it’s right that these shoes look strange, but finally, it’s great and very original! Love them :)

  16. Is it really weird that I’ve never seen them? They look pretty nice though, but not something I’d personally wear underneath a skirt.

  17. Is it really weird that I’ve never seen them? They look pretty nice though, but not something I’d personally wear underneath a skirt.

  18. They have some really similar at

  19. hm i liked them when they were first introduced but since then, everyone jumped on it and now they’re too ubiquitous

  20. SUper cute leggings!!



  21. Oh how many times this happened to me … . They are great looking thu, good luck with you search !

  22. That’s weird. I was on Barney’s website 1 minute ago and they had all sizes available. Well, I didn’t actually buy the shoe, but I went until right before check out and it was still sitting there in my bag. Maybe they restocked?

    1. yes, they are available at Barney’s in all sizes.. x

  23. They have them at! go get em girl

  24. Have you thought of maybe getting the ones from jeffrey campbell?!

  25. Beautiful photo. The shoes (and leggs) are gorgeous.


  26. hi, there
    i v jst check the online store a few dys ago, its availaible there. u can go to hav a look at

    1. @Fiona: I already ordered them from Barneys, but I don’t see them on the Balenciaga website?

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