Taking it easy on the more color resolution, huh? Well, I could have added another print of that kind, but it is always better to take things slow than to overwhelm ourselves. And so I did matchy-matchy and went for the safer option, a denim shirt. It is not much color, but at least it is some.

blazer Maison Martin Margiela
denim shirt, my boyfriends Ralph Lauren
pants Juicy Couture
shoes Prada

ph/ Liza Chloë van Duyn


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  1. pants and pradas are made for each other

  2. wow, these pants look awesome on you especially with this simple black pumps :)

  3. You look so gorgeous in this outfit! Love the mix.

    Have a nice day,

  4. Babysteps! Heerlijke combi…

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  5. It’s actually very pretty and chic!
    Aren’t you freezing though?

    1. @Eva: It is still quite warm here, about 12 degrees Celcius, I am still waiting for the harsh winter to kick in ;)

  6. whoa, the Prada shoes are ah-mazing! <3

  7. LOVE love love this look! Especially the combination of the pants and the shoes! <3

  8. How comfy are the prada’s? Not ‘too’ high?

    1. @Ine: I think they’re just the perfect height!

  9. De perfecte outfit voor deze koude dagen!

  10. Vond gisteren op die facebook foto de combinatie tussen die donkere spijkerblouse en deze zwarte blazer zo mooi.
    Hele gave look Sabrina!

  11. Loving this outfit, so beautiful and chic! xo, Christina

  12. Those tartan pants are stunners! And by Juicy Couture?? Who’d have thought!


  13. love this look! bought myself some trouusers that look like these and I love them!


  14. Echt mooi ! Ik wil ook zo n soort broek
    fashion in Belgium

  15. Super gave look! Die broek is geweldig! Xx Rebecca

  16. Loving that you are getting everything out of the new Pradas… you wear them well!


  17. I love those trousers…I have searched high and low for them but can’t find them in my size!

  18. Wow supermooi dit! Ik vind die broek zo gaaf!


    Ps: I just started a running blog with my best friend. If you’re thinking about starting to run, may I invite you to our blog?

  19. Yeah, weer eens een outfit waar ik echt fan van ben!

  20. Oh my I really like your margiela blazer and prada heels, super chic, also totally adoring those plaid pants, wouldn’t have guessed they were from JC but coolness! :D I’ve just bought my first 3.1 PHILLIP LIM mini-Pashli in a plastic and white texture, I’d say it’s quite provoking, do tell what you think ;)

    xx The Provoker

  21. Perfect heels, checked pants, and blazer!

  22. This is my fave outfit of yours! The shoes were a great investment! Good job.


  23. kellyelisejaspers - ⁄ Reply

    Erg mooi! Loveee the shoes:)

  24. Me encanta el look!!!!! :D

  25. Love those pants and the way you are wearing them. It reminds me of the kind of looks in Vogue Spain!
    Kisses from Spain!

  26. Wow, you look great! xx.

  27. You look beautiful. I really like the match with the blazer and denim! Looks brilliant!



  28. I love how you’ve styled this look. You look incredible.

  29. Really love those pants. And the Prada’s seem to go with everything, perfect choice!

  30. Beautiful. Love your style and your blog ;-)

  31. Gorgeous look!!!^^
    i love your shoes ;)


  32. the pants are so nice

  33. Great pairing!
    Love this look.



  34. Love this outfit but it seems quite unbelievable that you went out all day dressed like this, without even a coat or a something…its way too cold, and i am based in leiden so know!

    1. @Ali: I took these photos while running errands in between sitting inside at the office all day ;)

  35. wauw, die broek is echt gaaf!
    en wat een mooie prada’s heb je aan… jaloers!

    x marly

  36. Damn girl, those shoes!! Love this look. And I agree, it is always best to take big goals slow at first. :)’



  37. You look gorgeus! like so much this outfit :)
    Love from Barcelona <3

  38. i love how the outfit matches the background, very well done!

  39. I absolutely love the tartan trousers on pointy heels look, great job!


  40. Blijf echt helemaal weg van die broek en zo mooi met de hakken erbij! xx

  41. gorgeous outfit, love the heels!

  42. Super outfit! Die MMM suit moet ook echt een top aankoop zijn geweest, zie dat je de broek en blazer ook los draagt, geweldig dus!


  43. Love those pants!!
    Have a wonderfull week!! :)


  45. Oh my I love this outfit!! Hands down my favorite one so far :)
    Love, Rebekka

  46. I love this outfit so soft! I love your new site is Pretty cool!

  47. Love this outfit ! Very very nice Sabrina :)

    Love xx
    Melanie ~

  48. Such an incredible combination of plaid and tartan! Love the pants x


  49. I love the pants, especially against the background, nice find!

  50. prachtige look, je broek is echt super :)
    Discover my Stylish Confessions!

  51. prachtige look, je broek is echt super :)
    Discover my Stylish Confessions!

  52. From Boho to Chiic - ⁄ Reply

    So pretty! Treny and elegant outfit! Love it!

    Have a nice day! :)

  53. I was stopping by your blog, really love it! Did you want to follow each other?

    P.S. I love the plaid pants they are absolutely amazing they look so good on you! I like how you put it with the blazer and denim top such a great combo!

    xoxo Akinyi

  54. those shoes are so classic…they will never be out of can pass them down for generations..your photos are very well done

  55. Great pants and heels…love that blue door too :)

  56. love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!-

  57. Loooove the outfit! Especially the pants, woooow! I need those as well!

    XX http://red–

  58. Love how you are mixing feminine with maskuline items, looks lovely!

  59. Those pants are absolutely fantastic. I love your grownup take on the classic uniform look.


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