There are so many interesting details in this look, I can not just point out one. Tell me, what part do you like best?


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  1. the iPhone cover, definitely! Love the pop of colour!

  2. these types of looks are seriously cliche right about now, all the street style photos are always about this look. personally i prefer minimal looks like the ones you usually don, looks much better imo and not super fussy

    1. @Claire: Thank you so much for the feedback, I post just about anything that I find interesting, but I’ll definitely keep this in mind when going out shooting during FW in February ;)

  3. my favorite item on this photo is absolutely the black watch :)

  4. Oh the Bird! Love the bird!

  5. wat een gave foto is dit! op een of andere manier vind ik de krant/het tijdschrift het vetst…


  6. you´re right and I just love the birdie jumper! xo, Alma

  7. Ik keek als eerste naar de trui, zo’n leuk printje!

  8. Love the pale pink leather skirt. By far my favourite item of this look.


  9. Love it!


  10. I love the entire look, but the necklace and sweater especially caught my eye!.

  11. For me is the bird. Easily can be confused by some childish jumper, but with the right stylist, became more stylish than ever.

  12. I really like the skirt, you need to look for awhile and than you notice it’s almost fallen of the pic but quite special, I don’t recall I have seen anyone wearing a skit that looks like this for a long time.

  13. JA helemaal perfect! Zelfs die krant hoort erbij!



  14. It’s so boring…

  15. I love the diamond necklace on top of the knitted sweater. Contrasts always gets me!

  16. Love the juxtaposition of camel wool and beige leather!

  17. i love the tiny necklace!

  18. Her delicate necklace….the perfect touch.

  19. Aawh die trui is echt te schattig!

  20. bird with the beret! soo cute :3

  21. bird with the beret! soo cute :3

  22. I truly love the bracelet. Adds a great touch to the outfit!

    Breathe Me

  23. I love the print in the jacket behind, and the yellow iPhone case!

  24. there’s nothing interesting. just some random trends…

  25. i love her sweater with the pidgeon and the barret! Xx

  26. I don’t like it at all, it’s too much of everything- just looks a mess altogether.

  27. there is a bluebird wearing a red beret. obvi.

  28. I like the bag held under the arm even though it’s got a strap… cute!

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    Anna Lou X

  29. Where to start? Nude skirt, graphic sweater, sick wrist candy. Love.

  30. Where to start!? Nude skirt, graphic sweater, sick wrist candy. Love!!


  31. Vind het subtiele kettinkje over die chunky trui het mooiste detail in deze foto!
    Goed geschoten Sabrina! :)

  32. Really cool, yeah so many ways to accessorize a look …

  33. love the little single but oh-so-striking diamond-ey gem around her neck. major cuteness.

  34. Her hairy arm :)

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