a pair of jeans
rubber bands
cleaning gloves
a bucket

1. Fill your bucket with water and make sure the jeans are wet before you tie them with the rubber bands.
2. Wrench, so the jeans are not soaking wet.
3. Tie as many and as much rubber bands as you like until the jeans are all bundled up. There is no right or wrong in this case (less rubber means the more your jeans gets bleached). It is the easiest to start with the legs.
4. Put bleach in the bucket. They say it is 2 cups of bleach with 1,5l of water, but filled up the bucket with water and put in half of the bottle of bleach. It felt like the right thing to do and the bleaching took too long with just 2 cups.
5. Use your gloves to put the jeans in the bucket. An extra tip is to put something heavy on the jeans – for example an empty bottle of wine, like I did -, so your project stays completely under water (otherwise you have to flip the jeans every hour or so).
6.  Check on your jeans every now and then.
7. When the jeans look white enough, take them out and put them in the washing machine.
8. Lay flat to dry.


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  1. Can’t believe that you did this with a pair of Levis!! That hurts even to me :-) If with a pair of Zara or h&m jeans…but I coundn’t do it with a pair of Levis!
    Anyways the result look pretty good!

    1. @Clochet: Haha, why does that hurt? I have too many jeans and I’m sure I’m going to wear them way more often now ;) X

  2. Verry cool! And easy, right? Can’t wait to see you wear it!


  3. I can’t believe this is the real result! I’ll definitely have to do this myself!


  4. Looks great! Mayb I need to find a old jeans too to do this DIY!

  5. Wauw dat ziet er echt super goed uit!! Krijg meteen zin om het uit te proberen!

  6. It seems so easy that I really want to try it. I think I will try to do it with a demin shirt instead.

  7. The result is very pretty! I’m looking forward how you’re going to combine it now :)

  8. WOW love these, they look the real deal.

  9. wow, the result is really amazing! It really looks like the real deal :) I’m curious to see it on!

  10. Wauw goed&mooi gelukt!!

  11. I try it on a red trousers, the result was horrible!! The red became a discosting orange… ;-(
    Ive to try again on a proper blue jeans!

    Love from MC xx

    1. @Addict-to-twins: I think you have to leave it in a little longer then or use more bleach! Xx

  12. Leuk! Ik ga het zeker proberen, erg makkelijk :)
    xo Madeleine

  13. Not my style but they turned out really great!

  14. This is so cool! I was planning to try some tie dye DIY myself and this tutorial is very useful! Thanks so much for sharing this with us and I can’t wait to see your cool jeans in an outfit post! x Kayin

  15. super gave DIY en ook super makkelijk eigenlijk ! gaan we zeker eens proberen!


  16. I’ve been wanting to try this for teh longest time….think I may just give it a go! Thanks for sharing :)

  17. Wow, the result is insulting! :) I remember when I used to bleach my jeans too, it was a legendary pair!

  18. I’m sure this post is increasing the sell of bleach haha. I’m gonna dig in my closet for and old pair of jeans and try it too, the result is amazing! Great tutorial!

  19. Wauw, heel gaaf! Ik moet het toch ook eens gaan doen..

  20. Wauw dat is echt wel goed gelukt!

  21. Leuk! Ga ik ook eens een keer proberen! xx.

  22. Nice work! I’m definitly going to try this aswel! Hope it turns out just as beautiful as yours….

    X Petra

  23. can’t wait to see you wearing this awesome project!

  24. wow, they turned out perfectly!!!
    january x

  25. WOW die is echt goed gelukt zeg!!!! Heel gaaf.
    Heb het zelf al gedaan op een spijkerrokje ook erg leuk, nu een broek uitproberen.

  26. I love love those pants!!!
    Thanks for show us how you do it!!!

  27. Definitely going to try this one. Thanks for sharing! // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  28. Oh! I love the result!
    It`s a good idea for summer.. I just need them!

  29. Ahh I should try this on a pair of jeans that I don’t wear very often! Would you recommend tie-dying jeans with lighter washes as well?

  30. Dat je dat aandurfde met zo’n mooie donkere Levi’s haha! Maar het is dan ook wel echt heeel goed gelukt, wauw!

  31. I ones did it myself, never wore the jeans though, because it felt weird on my skin. I think the washing machine didn’t get out all of the bleach and the smell, too bad. I washed it everal times, but that didn’t make a difference. It looks nice!

  32. geweldig gaaf :D wil dit zelf ook doen maar echt iedereen raad mij het af met gewoon bleek te doen omdat die de stof teveel aantast.., Nu weet ik niet meer wat ik moet gebruiken, bleek of ontkleuring.

  33. jammer dat ik niet echt een ‘oude’ jeans heb. anders had ik het zeker gedaan!

  34. even if isabel marant has done this: tie dye doesn’t look got! So why ruin a really great jeans, to look like a hippie without any taste?

  35. Oh ziet er tof uit! Hoelang zat je broek ongeveer in het bleek/water uiteindelijk? (Ik snap dat je het zelf moet uitproberen/het aan de broek ligt)

    1. @Marta: Een halve dag, best wel lang dus ;)

  36. I have the same exact jeans and I want to bleach them to be light jeans. What can I do? Is it the time the key? xx

    1. @Udane: Skip the rubber bands step and just put the jeans in a bucket with water/bleach. Xx

  37. So mooi. I am too lazy though. But maybe… I will try to score a cheap jeans just in case I failed.

  38. What a cool project, and a lovely result.

  39. Wow hij is goed gelukt zeg, prachtig!

  40. So cool and Isabel Marant-ish. Thanks for sharing. I think I’m gonna make tie dye shorts!

  41. Great, so you made it ! Wasn’t it easy !
    Good result, can’t wait to see how you’re going to make it yours !

    Feel free to have a look at mine :

  42. Soooooooo cool!!


  43. Now I really want to see a Look of the day with your “new” pair of pants! =)

  44. AWESOME!!!! Can’t wait to give it a try :)

  45. wauw zooooo gaaf!
    Join the Club Manhattan Giveaway

  46. Ah, zo leuk dit! Ben alleen wel erg benieuwd hoeveel er nog van de gebleekte jeansstof over is na een paar keer wassen ;)

  47. Ziet er echt goed uit! Heb het vandaag zelf geprobeerd, helaas niet gelukt. Denk dat de jeans er te licht voor was.. Dus even op zoek naar een donkere en dan ga k t zeker weer proberen! X

  48. these turned out amazing!

  49. Freaking amazing DIY…def going to replicate, but im thinking shorts… GREAT POST :)


  50. You won’t believe darling …… but i did it !

  51. I just did it!!!

  52. Heel gaaf!
    Ik ben benieuwd naar een outfit.

  53. Super! Hoelang heb je laten liggen in het bleekmiddel?

    1. @stephanie: Een halve dag ;)

  54. Hello love! I love how it turned out, trully amazing.
    I was wondering though, where do you put the empty bottle of wine? It’s not visible in the pictures…

    1. @Mariana: Just on top of the jeans ;)

  55. Ok, this is so nice… great ideia and it seems nice to do ! Thanks for share it :)*

  56. I am SO gonna do this during my easter vacations! Great idea :) (and I’m in love with the new outfit featuring those)

  57. so nice,,,very easy as a pie

  58. this is really useful!!
    it’s such a nice way to reinterpreting an old pair of jeans:)

  59. WAT VET! Ik ga het echt doen!

  60. sabrina, thank you so much for this article! It is so much creative and it is very very very well explain. I love when it is very well explain above all with the pictures. So thank you again, you’re the best. Xxxxx <3

  61. What a great idea! Def. something I am going to try. Come to think of it I think I have an old dark jeans!!! Keep the DIY’s coming please!!!!

  62. Aaaaah! So cool! Wanna try it!

  63. Lovely!! Ik waag me er maar niet aan, haha!

  64. Rio bleek, er det klorin, eller er det noget helt andet slags blegemiddel?

  65. OMG! The result looks so cool. I have to try this. It seems very easy to do, is it really? And does it matter what kind of jeans you use?

  66. so glad i found this DIY post…i hope i’ll have the same result!

  67. how long did you leave them in the bucket?

  68. That is awesome! Didn’t know you could do that kind of pattern with dip dye!

  69. i’m doing this as we speak with a mint pair of denim pants as a trial then i’m going to do dark denim like yours… how long did it take for your jeans to bleach? mine have been in the bucket for about 1hr and not much has changed yet!

    ps every morning i wake up to your blog as my homepage and it makes me smile every single time… so thank you xo

    1. @Natalie: Cool, it’s good to try first! I left them in half a day, seriously it takes so long. Don’t take ’em out before they’re as white as you want them to be. It’s sooo cool to hear that I’m actually someones homepage, thank you! Xx

  70. thank you so much!

  71. Misschien best wel een domme vraag maar moet je de jeans gewoon met water wassen in de wasmachine of ook met waspoeder erbij? :D

  72. When dyeing Levi shorts – does the bleach affect the red tab on the pocket?

  73. hallo, i have a question, did you wash the jeans with the rubbers on in the washing machine?
    i dye my jeans at the moment.
    you have a great blog. thanks.
    greetings from germany inge

    1. @inge peter: No, you take off the rubber bands, then rinse the jeans with water, then wash in the washing machine. x

  74. many thanks for your quick answer

  75. Superleuk! Ik heb het ook geprobeerd met een goedkope spijkerbroek van de H&M. Ik liep als een tijd met het idee rond, maar kon geen goede uitleg vinden. Het is redelijk-goed gelukt. Het patroon op de broek is heel mooi geworden, maar de kleur is een beetje vreemd… De broek heeft van 11 uur ‘s ochtends tot 6 uur ‘s ochtends de volgende dag in de bleek gelegen, tot hij echt niet meer bleker werd. De gebleekte stof is nu roze/geel met allemaal obscure vlekken, heel vreemd, maar opzich ook wel cool. Je uitleg was echt superhandig, thanks!

  76. Great post! I have some jeans I am not wearing because they bore me a bit and will definitely try this out on them! http://

  77. Hi super goed gelukt! ik wil ook graag mijne doen maar ik weet niet of het uitmaakt wat voor elastiekjes je gebruikt? x

    1. @Anna: Ik zou gewoon van die brede postelastieken gebruiken. Xx

  78. Hi everyone!
    First, thanks Sabrina for sharing this post, for real!
    Secondly, I’m currently doing this, my jeans are in bleach for almost 20hours, but still not white enough.. Is it normal?

    xxx, Lisa!

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