Flipping through Vogue Collections, cravings for fall mounted up. Me – being totally unrealistic – writing down Givenchy boots, Rag & Bone hat, Céline just about everything, more boots, a Chanel bag. Though most of these cravings are not really going to happen anytime soon, it is good to have them as some sort of reference while shopping. I mean, they can all be translated into something more reachable:

Givenchy boots – oh, check!
Rag & Bone hat – never going to get a high CPW anyway and I already have one from H&M.
Céline just about everything – go minimalistic, the best options can probably be found at COS.
More boots – Isabel Marant is getting in some good ones when the paycheck allows. If not, wait for the next paycheck.
Chanel bag – a cool shoulder bag in a fall color that is both suitable for running errands and evenings out.

Speaking of bags, I needed a bag in a different color than black, so I went for the almost complete opposite and got off-white/cream. With a hint of a cool fall color. Perfect!

Kurt Geiger Liquorice bag.

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  1. Can totally relate to this dear!! I can only begin to write and endless list of stuff I want to get my hands on, but I know that it’s a fruitless pursuit!! It never hurts to dream though and most certainly keep as reference of aesthetics!!

  2. Leuk! Ik vind dit een goeie lijst en tips. Vind je Givenchy boots ook echt geweldig staan en leuk dat het een wat meer gedurfde keuze is, kun je prima hebben!