More sweaters for fall please…

From top to bottom: Samsoe & Samsoe, H&M Trend, Étoile by Isabel Marant, Hope.


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  1. Sweater is defo my no 1 favourite piece of clothing. The only reason I love Winters!

    Anneli x

  2. hi, i just posted about how difficult it is to wear a jumper like this. I am wondering if you can check out my post and have a look what I can do better next time.
    cheers x

    1. i love the simplicity of the pic! :)

  3. aww i love your sweaters! can’t wait to see them in some outfits :)

  4. can never have too many good sweaters!!!!! seriously the only reason to look forward for cooler weather!


  5. Oeh, I totally agree with you. I love the sweaters especially the oversized ones and the colors of this season are great to.



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  6. oh they seem to be so comfy and warm!! nice colors!!


  7. I see we all have the same craziness about sweaters…

  8. Ik moet ook echt nog een paar sweaters erbij, deze kleuren zijn erg mooi!

  9. If there is something I love about falll is that I get to wear many sweaters! :)))

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  10. Know what you mean! I love knitwear! :) xo, Alma

  11. You always find such lovely sweaters – can’t wait to start stocking up myself :)


  12. love this collection and especially the green one!!

    check my new post

  13. Sabrina, love that you still where your sweaters from last year..or better, that you wear thinks more than once on your blog. That is so human and makes you soo sympathetic :D

    <3 Elisa

  14. one good thing about the end of the summer: the sweaters we can wear again :)

  15. love this photo and comfy sweaters. I just got two new ones!!

  16. I’m still kicking myself for missing out on that Etoile sweater!

    x karen

  17. Knitted sweaters really are the best for winter !

  18. Loving these sweaters, particularly the green H&M one.


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