Who says brown can not be mixed with black?

Diesel jumper (mens dep.) and jeans, belt from the boyfriend.


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  1. Ik draag zelfs heel vaak zwart met bruin. Vind het zo’n mooie en spannende combinatie. Het heeft echt iets vind ik.

  2. Vroeger droeg ik de kleuren niet zo vaak samen..
    maar het kan zeker! Jouw foto bewijst het maar weer.


  3. Whoever it was, he was definitely wrong! Looks great! Especially the sweater.
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  4. Of donkerblauw… dat zit in je trui, toch? Zo zie je maar weer, alles kan!
    Ik draag ook al weer jaren bruin met zwart :)


  5. I love it!!!! the jumper looks awesome! xo, Alma

  6. Mmm je trui ziet er fantastisch uit!

  7. Black can be totally matched with brown! You just only need to have the right shade of it!



  8. I sometimes mix these colours, no reason to be fussy about brown and black. Same as for red and pink !

  9. With accessories it’s okay, but definetly not with clothes :)

  10. My Italian boyfriend hates blue and black (the Italian version of black+brown) together while I love it. Very cliché but I believe everyone should wear what they like. And your combination is lovely.

  11. Love the colours in this outfit.

    Just wondering, with your new format, some of the pictures (like this one) don’t show up on my Google Reader. Is it a problem with how I inputed your RSS feed, or do they not just show up?

    1. @Jess: Thank you! When a post has one picture, that picture doesn’t show up at the moment, but I will try and fix that soon.

  12. True ! Ik vind zwart en bruin zelfs mooi samen
    new outfit post

  13. I used to never wear black & brown in one outfit, but lately i’m really into it.. Love this picture!

  14. Ik zeker niet! Ziet er super uit!

  15. Ik vind het juist heel leuk! Maar het ligt er wel aan wat voor tint bruin het is en wat voor stoffen je combineert ;-)

  16. Anyone who says that is old fashion! Look how pretty the colors combination!! And Lovely sweater!!! I love the whole thing!

  17. Really like how the belt combines with the sweater
    Great look

  18. Love how you used your boyfriend’s belt, I’m constantly stealing items from his side of the closet! And I also love how you’re breaking fashion rules while remaining classic, timeless and fashionable. Love your style girl!

  19. LOVE the mix. The belt is great, but I LOVE the pattern on that sweater!
    -Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

  20. I love your jumper and I like your boyfriends belt too :)

    xo Nanieke

  21. Mooi! die trui ziet er ook mooi uit!

  22. Great! Love the combination of the jeans, belt and sweater. It gets a little annoying when people/bloggers say ‘the boyfriend’ though. Saying ‘my boyfriend’ would be refreshing. lol.

  23. True! I always say that!

    Looks great :)

  24. Really? Who said that? Total news to me:) I just got a bag and bought it because its basically balck but has got brown handle. Oh cannot really describe u gott see it. Will post in a few days! btw the pic above is awesome, love the style.

  25. Brown and black is a nice association ! Who told the contrary ?? ^^

    Melanie ~

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