Apart from bringing notebooks and a pen to write everything you see down and all, there is one thing that is super important during Fashion Week and that is keeping your skin moisturized. Since I do not live in one of the Fashion Week capitals, Fashion Week season to me is also travelling season. Tons of travelling means dry skin (read; airco!) if you do not take extra care of it.

Kiehl’s lip balm #1, Mario Badescu A.H.A. & ceramide moisturizer, Origins A Perfect World for eyes, Origins Ginger Souffle whipped body cream.


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  1. cute make-up bag! these items seem like essentials indeed, great tip!

    1. Agreed, super cute make-up bag! I’d love to know where to get one. x

  2. I love Origins’ ginger line, it smells like heaven!

  3. Nice! Er gaat niets boven een goede huidverzorging.!
    Waar kun je origins kopen?

    1. @Ilse Danielle Martina: Douglas sinds kort! Xx

  4. I so know what you’re talking about. Just got back home and did I bring a whole drugstore with me this time ;).

    Have fun!

  5. Yep, gotta stock up for fashion week on beauty prods ;)

    xx nathan.niche


  6. Die lipbalsem zou ik graag eens proberen

  7. Nice products, always easy to have a small kit with you! I also love the smell of Origins

  8. love all these products, are great

  9. Moet eerlijk zeggen dat ik je blog steeds minder interessant begin te vinden. Niet echt vernieuwend, en je werkt steeds meer met saaie posten waarin er maar één foto te zien is. Jammer! Zou graag wat meer persoonlijke dingen willen terugzien op je site.

  10. Nice products, they look like they smell great.



    Style Route

  11. Ah yah! airco made our skin cry cry cry!!! oohhh

    Love from!/

  12. Top dankjewel! Ik moet zeggen dat ik dit soort posts juist erg leuk vind. Naast je leuke stijltje te zien.. Is het ook leuk om te Zien wat voor beauty producten je gebruikt! Xx

  13. Ahhh… great skin products… wish u a great time there and lots of fun!

    Ania from Ania’lysis

  14. The bag looks so cool.

  15. These are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing — a break from fashions and styles are not a bad thing on a beautiful summer morning :) Love`s amazing

  16. I’m an ORIGINS addict! The Ginger Souffle is one of my all time favourite body moisturizers! Try out the Modern Friction Peeling for the body as well – you will love it!

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