On a regular working day, I could not care less about time. I do wear a watch on a daily basis, but I frequently forget to look at it and then often realize around 3pm that I have not even had lunch yet. During Fashion Week it is the complete opposite and I become obsessed with time. I am that kind of person that stresses out when public transport arrives one minute late – as if it is going to go any faster when I stress or start screaming. I am also that kind of person that still thinks all shows start on time. None of them really do, but better be safe then sorry, right?

Watch by Juicy Couture.


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  1. Very nice wathc! love the picture underneath! ;) xo, Alma

  2. Prachtig horloge! Ik kan echt niet functioneren zonder een horloge :D

  3. that is one beautiful watch! I definitely need one is rose gold

    X, Annie

  4. that watch is really cool! btw, i’m quite the opposite of you, i don’t leave our house without wearing a watch! it’s either i’m such a sucker for watches or i’m just in constant need to know what time it is or BOTH. haha

  5. ooh that watch is so cute!

  6. Ik draag meestal ook mijn horloges voor de sier, maar kijk ik alsnog op mijn mobiel voor de tijd! Mooie horloge!

  7. love the watch and i also get stressed when i need to be somewhere at a given hour!

  8. Great detail shot of your watch babes, refreshing to see a shot like this :) If you want to know what I wore to LFW for the first day, check out my new outfit post, beware I am wearing the double GIVENCHY nose rings lol-

    xx nathan.niche

  9. That watch is so pretty! it’s a lot like the Micheal Kors ones, which I love! xxx

  10. I can totally relate to this post X

    1. As do I! I get so cranky when the public transport is late and I always want to be on time…

  11. wauw echt heel erg mooi horloge!

  12. I know what you mean- you dont want to miss a second!

  13. Love that watch! Xo

    – –

  14. I love your watch! I am so excited for tomorrow, because I’m also gonna buy a watch. Have a look at my blog in the next days, so you can see which one I chose!

    Greetings from Germany :)


  15. I usually don’t care about time either and I don’t wear a watch actually but I keep seeing so many pretty watches like this one and it just makes me wanting one. I feel like it’s a great accessory.

    Kiss Andie ;)

  16. I love the rose gold :)

    Keep up the great post Serena!

  17. Love a big chunky watch to make an outfit – girlie maar toch stoer :-)

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