As you might have read in my previous post this morning already, I just came back from a vacation in Ibiza with a bunch of friends – we rented a villa in San Josep de sa Talaia – and even though I did not do much work there, I thought it would be fun to share the best spots (of the southern part of the island) we discovered during our 8 day stay.


Experimental Beach, Playa d’es Codolar Salinas
Ok, so I think the name of this newly opened beach club does not do its place much justice. Ibiza can get kind of crazy and I thought this would be one of those places, but it is exactly the opposite. With its tiny amount of beds and delicious food (I figured the name is about the food, they do not serve your random sandwich), it is perfect for a day of soaking up the sun while reading a book.

Sa Trinxa, Calle Playa Salinas
A more random and touristic beach that I still liked for its relaxed atmosphere. Just very easy!


El Chiringuito, Playa Es Cavallet
Making reservations is a must, but it is well worth it for the best long lunch.

Bar La Bodega, Carrer Bisbe Torres Mayans 2, Eivissa
Due to La Oliva being fully booked, we decided to go to La Bodega instead. It is a tiny tapas restaurant near the bridge to the old town of Eivissa (the old town is by the way the only part worth visiting in Eivissa). It feels a bit more ‘local’ than all the white out beach clubs and it is super duper cheap!


Nyc, Avenida Bartolome Rosselló 12, Eivissa
While on vacation, I usually like to buy local stuff (this time I only bought a white shirt at the beach) and avoid the ‘normal’ stores, but this one, filled – almost stuffed! – with items from luxury designers is for the cloudy days… Think Dries van Noten, Balenciaga, Céline, Marni, etc.


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  1. Dreaming photos, my dear!

    With love
    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

    1. Lovely photos! I hope you are enjoying Spain!

      Don’t miss today my June’s Recap….which is your favourite outfit!.

      Kisses from My Bloglovin

  2. Take me to Ibiza please. I hope this place would be in my dreams tonight. <3

    xx Diana

  3. Great pictures!


  4. Lovely choices, you should also check out Sunset Ashram on the West Coast – beautiful. x

    South Molton St Style

  5. Fantastic pictures! Wanted to go to Ibiza for a long time…

  6. I’d love to go to Ibiza some time. It looks so freakin’ gorgeous.

  7. I’d love to go to Ibiza some time. It looks so freakin’ gorgeous.

  8. Ibizia is such a great place, I went there several years ago and it was awesome

  9. what a lovely place to stay oh mymy :) usually try not to be jealous but this time :)

    So would be really glad and impatient to hear more from you !! :) hope you are satisfied with my previous e-mail

    1. sorry for the comment bug in my comment :-/ should be link on my blog – sorry about that from

  10. Amazing, I’d love to visit one day.

  11. Wow, wat een prachtige foto’s zeg! :)

    Puck |

  12. Wow amazing pics !
    New post:
    Love from Paris

  13. Super post, ga over twee weekjes naar ibiza :D

  14. The pictures give a great impression of Ibiza. Have to visit it sometime. Thank you for the tips.

  15. Wow thank you for your Information.!!
    In August i’m also in Ibiza ..and i think i visit Nyc, and the Experimental Beach…:)

    Greatings from munich
    xx Marina

  16. I love Ibiza, I think it is one of the best places all over the world :) My parents bought an apartment there from a company called Ibiza HC and we have spent some holidays there.

  17. Perfect photos!
    And thanks for the informations!!

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