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  1. I like that you are natural and down to earth, fits very well with the brand as well so I think it’s a good collaboration. Plus the video is amazingly well done of course, but I wouldn’t expect any less. Have a great weekend in Paris Sabrina!

  2. Well done, Sabrina! It is so nice to see someone achieving their dreams but still keeping the down to earth attitude! You are a big inspiration! Wish you even more success! xx

  3. Ik was er even stil van, wat een goede video :D
    En je mag inderdaad trots zijn op jezelf, nee je moet! Bloggen en daarnaast ook nog een andere baan, en toch je blog op een hoog niveau weten te houden! Chapeau!

  4. Wat een geweldige video, ik vind het heel inspirerend! Hopelijk kan ik ooit ook zeggen dat ik van mijn hobby, fashion, mijn baan heb gemaakt.

  5. WOW, this video way above my expectations. I love the way how you talk, it is so inspiring and it also feels like I’m on another planet, so light.

  6. you are so sweet! good work girl, it’s nice to see that if you really want something and you’re willing to work hard for that, dreams can come true:) you’re inspiring

  7. Hey! I am really glad that you are happy and mostly I have to thank you for that awesome advice “If you don’t have a smile any more you have to quit” It may be hard to make it, but it really touch me. And I will always think about that!

    Congratulations for everything that is happening to you at the moment!

    Take care

  8. so surprised to listen to your voice–we r so used to you posting etc. you are as cute as u seem on ur posts!such a sweety!
    thnx sabrina for your great fashion blog!one of my Favorite blogs(TOP on my list actually..:P)! xxx
    irene, Athens, Greece

  9. “If you don’t have a smile on your face, then you should quit” is the opposite of a down to earth attitude, sweetie.