I have to admit, I do not often ‘spoil’ myself beauty wise. I have literally had one professional massage in my entire life, one manicure, never went to get a pedicure and only got a facial once. Oh, and forgive me for trying that fishy thing for your feet once (I was just too curious not to try, though I can not handle thinking about it now).

A little while back my friend Anna got lash extensions (even though she has some serious natural lashes going on already) and the idea of waking up like you just had your make-up done – just the eye part, but still – and not having to put on mascara any longer, as well as rubbing it off before going to sleep at night really convinced me of trying it out myself.

And so I went to Beauty by Lisa in The Hague last Tuesday, a salon that is specialized in these mink lashes called Blink. There are different lengths and different curls and since I am not really good at making decisions with these kind of things, Lisa helped me pick what would suit me best.

It takes about two hours with your eyes closed to attach a longer lash to each and every natural lash, I had about 120-140 of my own, so that is a whole lot of lashes to attach. Since your own lashes fall out every eight weeks and these are attached to your own, it lasts for about two months. However, Lisa advices to get a refill every three to four weeks.

It took me three mornings to get used to waking up to them and if I am completely honest I think I will go for a tiny bit shorter version next time – to make the difference between my own lashes and the Blink ones a tiny bit smaller – but being able to stay in bed for an extra 10 minutes in the morning is definitely something I could get used to.

More info (in Dutch) on lash extensions here.

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    • @Honorata: I was scared of that too, but Lisa told me your own lashes fall out every 8 weeks so there’s no damage at all. She had them for 2 years non-stop herself and took a break just to show her customers her own natural lashes were still perfectly in tact.

      • Wat mooi! Ben ik even blij dat ik Den Haag woon. Goed van Lisa dat ze een pauze heeft genomen om klanten het lange termijn effect te laten zien. Bedankt voor de tip.

    • @Ine: A new set is 120 euros, a refill 45. It is quite expensive, but I have visited cheaper salons to weigh my options and I have friends who actually went for those cheaper options and trust me, they did not come out satisfied at all.

  1. Looks absolutely great and if I had the money, I would also go for lash extensions – but it says that these are made of mink, as in mink fur?! That’s scary. I wouldn’t want to wear real fur on my lashes.

  2. The lashes look amazing on you! But I am a little afraid of it because of the glue they use- I know a woman that was getting her lashes done for years and then the salon changed the glue brand, she got an allergic reaction and her eyes were just constantly tearing.
    Also you have great brows, very subtle and natural.

  3. Ohh je wimpers zijn zo mooi!! Ik zou het ook wel willen, maar heb van mezelf hele steile wimpers (aziatische ogen) dus weet niet of het dan ook kan, want waarschijnlijk moet ik ze dan alsnog iedere dag krullen, maar ik ga die salon weleens bellen!!

  4. I’ve only ever tried an eyelash tint before but I really like the effect of these. I actually think that the length you have now really suits you :)

  5. Oh my god, your lashes look gorgeous!
    I was considering doing lash extensions, but I’ve heard some people complain of them hurting their natural lashes. It would be great if you could do a review on them after the two-month period.



  6. gorgeous!!! love love love, I had it done in Singapore once and it was funny since there were 2 Dutch ladies and one told me she had a salon in the Nl and she wanted to start doing it like in Singa!!! Wonder if it was the one you went to…

  7. Wow looks beautiful! But i have to agree (well in general) that I prefer shorter ones too :) only because they look more natural to me… And I think a lot can be done by just the volume and curlness :)