So, apart from having style related resolutions, every year I secretly write down a few that have to do with health. You know, try a green smoothie every now and then, avoid the pizza section in my supermarket…

One of them is to run at least twice a week – yes these shoes are also used for what they are meant to be used for. Not very original, since the Amsterdam Vondelpark is always extra crowded in January, when everyone tries to run off those extra Christmas/NYE pounds. Back in the days (read: 1,5 year ago), when I could barely make it to the first bus stop, I used to come up with all kinds of excuses just to not have to put on that running suit. I always had all kinds of other things to do, had deadlines to finish and when I got lucky it was raining (if that is even an excuse). Now that I am completely decked out in this Nike winter gear, there is not more excuses. “Unless you need to vomit, faint or die, keep on going.” Right?

What I am starting to like (love is too big of a word to be used here) about running is that apart from keeping me fit, it also helps me clear my mind. And it only takes about 30 minutes to run a proper amount of km.



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  1. Great resolution! And thumbs up for taking up on *running*! (I hate running so much.. did numerous attempts to start, and then dropped). But I bought an elliptical trainer instead:)

  2. Yup, ik doe het ook! Heerlijk :) Ben net weer begonnen na een blessure, vind het zelf pas leuker worden als ik werkelijk weer een eindje (minstens 10km) kan rennen. Hopelijk snel weer :) Succes!


  3. I think excercising is the secret NY resolution everyone dreams off.
    Even lovelier when you feel comfortable in good running shoes !

  4. I’m doing workouts each day, and trying to go outside for a run. Which is not easy with the weather of Holland. Very healthy and good of you! Keep up the good work!



  5. I should start to run too…I’m sure it’s going to help me in in different ways…

    lens & anything else

  6. oh i need to start to go running again too! loving nike running clothes :)

  7. I’m glad you’re not one of those people who loves running, I don’t trust them ;)

    I’m trying to run twice a week too – we don’t have to love it, but you’re right, it does help to get out in the fresh air and clear your head. I just bought some Stella McCartney for Adidas leggings to help motivate me too!

    Check out my latest post showing you how to wear dungarees for day, night and work:

    Anna Lou X

  8. oh dear i admire your attitude, when i start with running or going to gym i always stop after minutes, haha—so lazy:(

  9. Courageous ! I always putting this to the next day and it’s been a year of next day !!!!
    Love the nike parka pretty cool with the pocket in the back.
    x d

  10. Geweldig voornemen. Ik moet ook echt weer eens gaan lopen! xx

  11. Mooie 2e foto! And I need to start running too…
    With love,


  12. Good on you for running…I have tried numerous times but realised it’s just not for me. I now do yoga 4 times a week instead and love the ‘head clearing’ effect you mentioned exercise can bring. I guess it’s just about finding the right type of exercise for you!

  13. Same new year resolution here!!! Healthier nutrition and more exercise…we can do it!!!
    Love the shoes, I have the same in a different colout though :)

    Eirini from

  14. Good luck with running
    and nice pics!
    #makeitcount ;)

  15. Have fun , great resolution , I’m addicted to running and can’t imagine my life without it:))) Cross my fingers!

  16. Yeah I’ve been writing down that resolution for years but I honestly never made it and I think I know why: need some motivation (read beautiful sports clothes and new sneakers, like yours, which I’ve been dying to get my hands on)

  17. I. WANT. TO. BE. YOU.

  18. I totally know what you mean. My resolution for this year is maybe to run a half-marathon… let’s see what happens.

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  19. Good Resolution but If you really want to run regurlaly, you should buy real running shoes.
    You can hurt yourself :/

    1. @Anne & Dubndidu: These are the perfect running shoes for me. I can’t run any longer than 10km because of a past knee injury and I have tried many others with thicker soles and everything, but these feel the best for me ;)

  20. Keep it up! I so can’t run; maybe once i sort out all my music and can listen to it while running i will find more motivation.
    I do spin classes at my gym. My new year resolution is to bump it up to at least 3 times a week. Fingers crossed!

    Happy new year…

  21. Ik wil ook echt gaan beginnen, maar ik kan me er gewoon niet toe zetten… :(


  22. great resolution!
    Hopefully your determination will carry over so I can get myself to the gym as well…sometime…this year. haha

  23. Gonna buy a new outfit as well. H&M has an awesome collection!

  24. Running is awesome! It always clears my mind… I think about my studies or my blog and time just flies! It’s been a few weeks since I put on my running gear but I’ll try to go one of these days. I’m already imagining running in Amsterdam as well, during the 3 months that I’ll be living there! So if you’re looking for a running buddy, I’m up for it ;-)

    xxx Afrodite

  25. same resolution here!
    but I love running in the fresh air, so it’s no harm for me!

    x marly

  26. THE secret NY resolution… but every year i give up ! This year can be the right ;)
    Good luck !!!

  27. Perfect outfit for a sporty look!!!^^


  28. Hele gave sportkleding! Heb in Amerika een heel gaaf paar Nike renschoenen gevonden, maar moet zeggen dat ze er voor een half jaar nog niet al te gebruikt uitzien ;)

  29. running is such a great thing to do..

  30. I’ve also been running for the past few months and it’s the best thing ever!

    Have you tried the Nike+ Running App?

  31. Heel goed voornemen, en je renpakje staat je fantastisch ;)
    Ik kan me totaal vinden in je verhaal! Ik had ook altijd een excuus. Vaak had ik het te druk of was ik bek af van de hele dag werken of naar school gaan. Dat heb ik nu echter opgelost door ‘s ochtends vroeg om 7 uur te gaan renen met een vriendin. Die vriendin is een extra stimulans voor me om het ook ECHT te doen. Als ik alleen ren is de neiging om op snooze te drukken namelijk wel heel groot!
    Succes met rennen en ik hoop dat je er af en toe een update over geeft, want ik vind het supermotiverend om te zien dat andere meiden ook rennen!


    Ps: I just started a running blog with my best friend. If you’re thinking about starting to run, may I invite you to our blog?

  32. Je hebt echt gelijk, maar toch slaag ik er nooit in eindelijk eens te beginnen met lopen

  33. oh you are very brave! I hate running…but al least you look great doing so!

  34. Ik mis lopen! Ik wil zo snel mogelijk terug beginnen als ik thuis ben (mijn plan was hier in Lissabon lopen, maar dom genoeg heb ik het maar één keer gedaan en dan nooit meer… en nu heb ik geen warme loopoutfit hier!), het helpt mij ook zo om mijn gedachten op nul te zetten!

  35. Great resolution (I though prefer to call them goals rather than resolutions, as it seems more serious and specific to me)!
    Good luck and endless motivation with that!

  36. Running is great ! I also run in the past but beacause of back problems i stop running . I glad for your decision.

  37. I couldn’t agree more! I have been following your blog for a long time , can’t find an explanation for this being my 1st comment, since i’m a fan and i religiously read your blog everyday.
    I love to run, i usually do it on the treadmill while watching the kardashians , guilty pleasure!
    Keep up the great work.

  38. I wish my running gear looked as good! I ran 5k yesterday on my first attempt in three months. I can barely hobble now. Keep up the good intentions!

  39. Never enjoyed running, but I do ballet to stay in shape, it’s a more relaxing alternative.

  40. It took me a few years to make myself running more than a few km, but it was worth it. Finally I endured my schedule and I even began to love running! I hope this will be the same for you. The longer you’re running, the earlier it will become a habit. Good luck!

  41. Running when it rains, that’s not an excuse that’s a reason to run. At least for me it is! ; )

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  42. These photos are so nice! You look so elegant!

  43. yeah that’s just so true going for just 30 minutes 2 times a week can be way more effective than going through a 1 1/2 hours run once a week!

    love your nike running dress – keep going it’s easier when setting a goal!

    lots of love,


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