sweater H&M
trousers Zara
shoes Prada


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  1. Great classic look, and these shoeeeesssssssss grrrr:))))

  2. lovely, and these shooooes, wow i really think you did right when you’ve bought these ones ♥

  3. I love your outfit, you’re so stylish! And you have an amazing blog!

  4. Your Pradas are so nice and chic !
    Only deserved a classical and neat outfit ! Perfect choice !!!

  5. You look so sleek and elegant. Love everything about this outfit; pants, shoes, sweater <3
    Fashion Landscape

  6. Wonderful classic outfit! And the shoes are amazing! xo, Christina

  7. wow- so pretty, sabrina. love it.
    happy new year!!!
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  8. Love this look!!!! I think you’re one of the best blogger ever!

  9. Love your Prada shoes :)


  10. No detail shot of the shoes arggh! Lovely outfit though

  11. Good resolutions ! you look amazing !
    Check out my new post:

  12. Love your sweater!


  13. Very nice. Those shoes are amazing.

  14. Like the outfit, but why do you look like you need to take a dump? Girl, smile a little!

    1. @Imane: Thanks! Haha, I always try to find a good smiling picture in between all the photos we usually take, but it is hard to find a picture that was taken during that perfect millisecond of a smile/laugh. I do smile a lot while taking photos, but I almost never post them as I usually feel very ‘exposed’ in a way on those.

      ps/ I posted your comment on Facebook, not because I felt your comment was offensive, but because I thought it was quite funny since my boyfriend – who is taking almost all photos – always tells me the same.

  15. Beautiful! Love those tiny stripes on your pants, they add that je ne sais quoi ♥

  16. love sooo much this look, the pants and shoes are really great!
    I look forward another great year with your blog….one of the best daily reading.

    lens & anything else

  17. Simple but beautiful !
    I loved the tiny stripes ! The shoes are really amazing !

  18. Je schoenen zijn absoluut geweldig!



  19. Ommmg want your Pradas!

  20. Ik ben verliefd op je schoenen! Heb ze btw vandaag in mn post gebruikt, met link uiteraard ;)

    Top outfit, ik hou van je basic looks!


  21. YAY Prada heels! ;)
    Great outfit. The pants remind me of The Great Gatsby!

    Kaerlig hilsen,

  22. Great look.
    You look so chic!



  23. Je nieuwe schoenen passen perfect bij je stijl ! Mooie outfit
    new outfit post

  24. Gorgeous sweater, just like the shoes!

  25. love these pants with a sharp pair of heels

  26. Even though I’m a bit silent lately, I must admit you continue to be one of my beloved bloggers and this time I decided to write to you wishes on the new year so may you be blissful and creative and continue to inspire! :)
    Also, I absolutely wish you to convince Leslie on the walk in closet thing :)

    Lots of happy vibes lovely Sabrina!

    1. thanks ;)

      1. Hehe, this is funny (your Lesley thanking your reader for wishes on walk in closet :D)

        Also, I wanted to ask the size of your Zara pants if it’s not inappropriate, I cannot find them at local Zara and been looking for pinstriped pants for a while.. Not quite satisfied with the fit of the Mango ones I have bought, so it would be a life saver if you helped me with chosing a size.
        And with this smiling thing.. I don’t know, if you ask me, I prefer these normal ones or smirk ones. You are always really pretty and and if once in a while spontaneous smile comes along (and as a follower, I know it does), it’s good. But I find that not smiling suites the photos and your style more. Oh, everyone has an opinion and of course you cannot please all of them, so do what you feel and trust yourselt. After all, that’s what got you this far. Best wishes in 2013! xx

  27. I love those new shoes. I every respect better than CHL

  28. this is so perfect, those pants are a gorgeous fit

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  29. Hoe krijg je het voor elkaar dat je pluizige trui niet afgeeft op je broek? Die van mij zitten altijd helemaal onder.
    Ik hoop op een gouden tip.


    1. @michelle: Ik sleepte de hele dag een roller mee om het er continu af te halen ;) Geen gouden tip dus…

      1. Ik heb ‘m ook en moet nog steeds eens de vriezer truc proberen. Jullie deze al geprobeerd?

        X Marjolein – Never Too

        1. @MARJOLEIN: Nee, moet ik ook nog proberen!

        2. Ja ik heb de vriezer geprobeerd! ik heb hem 3 dagen laten zitten haha, weinig resultaat, rollertje mee dan maar.

  30. De schoenen zijn prachtig in “real life”! Nog helemaal shiny and new…

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  31. And again a great outfit! I always love your looks, they are just so easy, comfortable and still classy!


  32. love your outfit, those shoes and your hair looks perfect!!!

  33. those pants are very nice, sweet outfit overall ;)

  34. I love the combo of expensive & affordable classics :)

    Happy NY & keep up the awesome blog work. I love reading your blog, as it’s different to many other “buy buy buy” type ones.

    Steph xx

  35. u’re always so chic. Simple easy and chic.

  36. The simplest outfit are the best. You show it.
    Kiss Andie ;)

  37. What a fantastic simple outfit! The suit pants look great on you x


  38. Hi Sabrina! Really glad to have made your day :) Thanks for a great blog! xx

  39. Love the shoes! Great look! <3

  40. Eenvoudig maar geweldig!!

  41. Simple but so stylish!

    Love xx
    Melanie ~

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