Am I the happiest girl on the planet at this very moment? I guess so… Materialistic much? Just for the moment…


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  1. Oh my Goood!! You lucky, lucky girl! They’re truly awesome :)

    1. lol that was the exact same comment I wanted to say: *GASP* You’ve got them!! OMG OMG you lucky lucky girl!!! I want to see you wear this in an outfit, I’m sure it’s gonna be CHIC TO THE NEXT LEVEL! #MEGACHIC

      xx nathan.niche

  2. wooooow :D! happy for you!

  3. OMGGG! They’re awesome! xx.

  4. Wow! Those boots are amazing! Congrats and I can’t wait to see you wearing them!

  5. Where did u find them?? Can’t wait to see how u’ll style them :)) xx

    1. @AR At Shoebaloo in Amsterdam ;)

  6. wow. I can see why you are so happy. lucky girl!!!

  7. Oh wow! Soms is het niet erg om verliefd te worden op een paar laarzen :) Deze gaan jou geweldig staan, kan niet wachten om je deze te zien stylen!

  8. Waaaauuww, je bent zo een gelukzak! Ze zijn echt super, hopelijk zien we ze snel op je blog!

  9. Wauw ze zijn echt zo gaaf!

  10. Ohmygoood!! Been digging these since I first saw them in the beginning of this year!! Can’t believe you really bought them, they are so stunning! Great buy!

  11. i’m totally in love with these boots!

  12. Wow omg I am absolutely in love with these boots, I am so jealous you have them! Xxx

  13. Those boots are so cool! Jealous!

    xx lauren

  14. OMG you are absolutely right to feel soooo happy, they are great!

  15. They are pretty amazing, I think you’re allowed to swoon.

  16. Wow that’s just insane!! You’re so lucky… Clever buy;)

  17. Love these boots! Real treasure!

  18. Ik begin hier lichtelijk jaloers te worden, op z´n zachtst uitgedrukt!


  19. A MA ZING

    Dit is echt DE must-have voor fashion week komende maand!! Hoe vallen ze qua maat?

    See you in London? Paris? XO

  20. Are you kidding? Might have to punch you to get those boots. You ARE the happiest girl right now! congratulations I must say!

  21. these are incredible, can´t wait to see them on you!

  22. Amazing! You are a very lucky girl. I am sure you will style them wisely, can’t wait to see it! x

    Paint me in the landscape

  23. They are some seriously cool shoes! Seen a few streetstyle shots featuring them and I’m always pleasantly surprised at how they are styled. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them!


  24. Ahhh I would kill for a pair of these! They are beautiful :)

  25. Supermooi, Sabrina! Ben benieuwd naar je outfits ermee! :)


  26. Who would pay 1395 euro for these ugly boots? Sorry I don’t like them much, am curiously looking forward though to the way you’ll wear them.

  27. aaahhh you got your hands on them, I remember you from last year saying on your blog that you wanted them so bad, or was it earlier this year?? Time goes by so fasssstttt xoxoxox


  28. Wauw, echt wauw! Iedere keer als ik ze ergens in een advertorial zag was ik al verliefd. Kan niet wachten ze bij je aan te zien :D

  29. Coole boots :) Ben ook erg benieuwd hoe ze staan!

  30. They’re absolutely beautiful. You’re so lucky!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  31. Would love to see you styling those beauties! What a great buy! Xo

    – –

  32. Stylish boots, just perfect! I wonder how are you going to combine them with clothes. I hope you can post soon :) Congrats btw!

  33. these boots are so stunning! love them!


  34. Great boots, so awesome!



    Style Route

  35. Those boots are amazing!!! I feel in love with them *.*

  36. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that you have a great site! Keep up the good work.

  37. These boots are such a hype, although you are probably the first blogger I follow that actually bough them

    exciting to see how you’ll wear them !
    new outfit post

  38. Love Love Love a good fold over boot. My Fergalicious fold over boots are my favorite. These Givenchy’s are so gorgeous!!!

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