How the perfect color of nailpolish can add just that little extra to an outfit. That little extra that is always needed. I die for this green and grey.

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  1. i love that ! The green nail polish makes the outfit stand out so much more :)

  2. cool post, so inspiring pics! great job!

  3. Love it!!!

  4. Nailpolish can indeed add something extra to a look. I really like those bright colors, like the green in the picture. Very cool!

    Much Love.

  5. Wow, I agree with you! It’s an amazing color, and perfect with her skintone.. love it!

  6. You’re right, it fit perfectly!!!

  7. wauw, helemaal mee eens!
    Nagellak kan zoveel extra’s geven aan een outfit.

  8. Gorgeous jacket!

    juliet xxx

  9. is that Hanneli? gorgeous photo! Love those nails!

    1. I think it’s Hanneli yes.

  10. Wow, I want to try this, I have the perfect grey jacket for it!

  11. Ohhhh the nailpolish is amazing!

  12. I love that bright nail polish has made a comeback! That combo is perfect..

    XoXO-Kelli K
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  13. I am not that much of a fan of bold colours, but I have to admit this nail polish is pretty cool!

    I guess sometimes it’s a good thing to rethink your opinions!


  14. I always think nailpolish complete our outfit. love this inspiration :D

  15. Mijn fav. is khaki vert <3 van Chanel, helaas niet te pakken kunnen krijgen, dus nu maar eentje die er op lijkt van Essie!

  16. Definitely a perfect colour match!

  17. Bright nail polishes are so pretty, love them. ♥-Axelle

  18. Super mooie nagellak. Ik vind het een mooie foto!

  19. I love this awesome combination!

  20. I’m always in grey and black. This is a brilliantly subtle way to add a pop of color to an outfit, I love this idea. She goes from looking drab and boring to gregarious and fun with the wave of a hand, love love love.

  21. wow,

    this nailpolish – and the grey blazer…..
    matches perfect togehter!!!

    xxx julia

  22. Ik heb precies dat lakje van essence gekocht! het heet lime up en kost maar 1,30. I love the color combination!

  23. Love the combination. I’ve been searching for that colour for aaages.

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