advertorial – One of my main criteria when choosing a perfume is that – apart from the fact that ofcourse it has to smell good – is that it has to be fresh, with a little bit of an edge so it fits my style. Guerlain’s Shalimar Initial is a fresher and more youthful edition of the original Shalimar, with hints of toasted vanilla sugar, centifolia rose, tonka beans and velvety iris. Yummm!


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  1. OOoh, seems like Guerlain contacted you & The Cherry Blossom Girl to show us your vision of this beautiful perfume :) Love yours ;)

  2. Ziet er goed uit, wat een mooie fotos!

  3. Those pictures, amazing! the first one could be in an editorial or something :)

    Love from Belgium,

  4. Beautiful pictures Sab!! You should take more like these :)

  5. Prachtige eerste foto meid!

  6. You look incredible ! Such a beautiful woman !

  7. Wow! Stunning photos! You should appear in their print ads. SERIOUSLY! Paging Guerlain! :)

  8. Gorgeous! Je staat er echt super mooi op! XO Rebecca

  9. love the dreamy images.Just like a perfume editorial :) I’ve been wearing in certain occasions L’instant and Samsara which are my favorites from the house but since you suggest it, I’d like to give a try to the new Shalimar version! :)

    Have a great day gorgeous! :)

  10. these pictures are really sweet :) gotta go and smell this new perfume

    X, Annie

  11. Love how you interpreted the perfume in your pictures :)

  12. Love the first photo.

    I need a new perfume… really don’t know if I should stick to my old one (YSL Parisienne) or go for something new…

    XO Charlotte

  13. These photos look like the ad for the perfume! You’re so gorgeous, seriously go get them to pay you as their model ;)

  14. I am a fan of chanel No5 but i am gonna try this one too because hints of toasted vanilla sugar, centifolia rose, tonka beans and velvety iris sounds great! love your photos!
    My blog:

  15. Great pictures ! Shalimar blue is my fav such a nice fragrance I don’t think they still make it . I’ll try that one then :)

  16. Oh dat klinkt heel erg goed! Ben benieuwd.
    De eerste foto is heel erg gaaf. Vind de top ook erg mooi :-)

    XO Sari

  17. you can tell by the bottle it totally suits your personality!!! loved it ;)

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  19. Mooie foto’s. Ken het geurtje niet. Ga binnenkort toch weer eens op zoek naar iets nieuws. Het enigste wat ik nu nog in mn geurtjes collectie heb is CK in2you en Summer. De rest is alles op haha!


  20. beautiful pictures of you!

  21. sounds like it would be really nice. I need some new perfume.

  22. wat een prachtige foto’s zeg!

  23. Wauw, de foto’s zijn echt mooi geworden! Ben nu ook heel benieuwd naar het parfum, ik ga het eens testen in de winkel denk ik!

  24. The first picture is divine! // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  25. cool pictures! I’m curious about the perfume now

  26. Oeh, klinkt goed! Moet ik eens gaan testen! :)


  27. The first photo is really pretty! I love the double exposure. ♥

  28. wouww, i loveee de eerste foto! Heb hem opgeslagen voor inspiratie :)

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