advertorial –¬†Even though I am rarely seen with a hairstyle other than a simple blow-dry in the morning, I like to experiment with my hair every now and then. Hair is like an accessory – or a shoe – it is like picking the right frame for a picture. This might sound very clich√© but it is true. A sleek hairstyle can compliment a sleek look, same goes for a messy and tangled look. Therefor I created three different hairstyles to go with three different tops, blending together like fish & chips or gin & tonic.

The first look is kind of a casual look and what I would name the messy ponytail. To create this look, I used TONI&GUY‘s Sea Salt Texturizing Spray before a quick blowdry. I then used some Sculpting Powder in the roots and tied it all together in a messy – half high – ponytail.

The second look is how I usually wear my hair, but with a little extra volume. TONI&GUY calls this textured lengths and I used the Sculpting Powder and the Extreme Hold Hairspray to achieve this look.

The third and last look is a classic side parting one, which can easily be made with the Heat Protection Mist, a hairdryer and straightener and the Shine Gloss Serum to finish it off.

I especially am a huge fan of the Sea Salt Texturizing Spray and the Sculpting Powder, since I got my hair some actual volume for the first time in my life, I kid you not. Make sure to use the Heat Protection Mist before touching any hairdryer or -straightener/-curler.

All products are available in TONI&GUY hair salons and at Dutch drugstore Etos, other hairstyle tutorials and inspiration can be found on


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  1. I think you look great in a ponytail!

  2. Vind de tweede erg mooi! Mooie fotos!

  3. Looks great! Where is your white button-up from in the third shot?
    Thanks x

    1. @Sibella: Thanks! It’s from Tibi. xo

  4. Leuk 3 verschillende stijlen! I really like the second one..
    With Love,


  5. I love how each and everyone of these looks is completely different.

    Kristina Wilde

  6. Supermooi! Ik vind je haar in een staart je ook heel mooi staan :)


  7. I really love your hair style!!! it’s the simple and nice hair color!!! I love it!!!

  8. Love! Je haar in de derde foto is super mooi! Xx Rebecca

  9. love a side parting on you more than a middle!

  10. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. xo Madeleine

  11. Prachtige foto’s en vind je haar vast ook altijd heel leuk staan! xx

  12. love it! and your fluffy grey jumper is from…?

    1. @Ine: It is from Acne, last year though.

  13. Great hairstyles! Where did you get your lovely black sweater in the second picture?

    1. @Marie: Thank you! It’s from T by Alexander Wang.

  14. super mooie foto’s van je ! De eerste look is mijn favoriet
    new outfit post

  15. I havent tried their products yet, but I am definitely a fan of the first two hair dos :)

    X, Annie

  16. You look so pretty in all of these!



  17. You look lovely ! Especially in the picture with the ponytail.

    xoxo Maria

  18. I really like your nomal hairstyle, I think is the right amount of messy :-) I’m desperate for volume so I might try this product you recommend.

  19. It sounds great! Unfortunately I can’t use those products because of my ‘different’ hair.
    The tops that you are wearing are looking great.

  20. very nice! I love how you wear your hair!!! :) xo, Alma

  21. Die messy staart in de eerste foto vind ik heel mooi!

  22. The first two hairstyles are absolutely gorgeous.

  23. De derde! Mooi ook met dat witte blousje!


  24. You mentioned that it can be found at the Dutch Etos. Do you know which Etos shop sells the Tony&Guy products since I cannot find them on their website.


    1. @Madalina: Should be available in all of them.

  25. This is so beautiful! You’re making me want to cut my hair shorter.

  26. Ik hou echt van de simpele style die je hebt,!!!

  27. Nice looks!

  28. you look so beautiful in every single version…love the white shirt of the last pic!


  29. That third picture is gorgeous!

  30. Ik vind de laatste look je echt heel mooi staan! Vaker doen! : )


  31. THANK YOU! I seriously love your hair and can you dish on your makeup routine?? If you even have one! you look so natural.

  32. Love these photos. The pale green sweater looks so soft and pretty on you.
    Stop by

  33. he! is dat toevallig een acne trui die je daar boven draagt? ik geloof dat ik dezelfde heb, hij staat je echt heel mooi!
    ik volg je blogg al een tijdje, en ik vroeg me af, misschien zou je eens een kijkje willen nemen op die van mij? ik ben pas net begonnen en kan nog wel wat tips gebruiken!
    lijkt me leuk,

    au revoir,
    liefs laila.

  34. I so agree with you, both the Sea Salt Spray and the Sculpting Powder are must haves if you have thin hair without any volume – I can’t live without them anymore!

    1. All very pretty, but I think the third look is real cute! Love your blog by the way!

  35. You’re amazing in the first picture ! :o

    Love, Melanie ~

  36. Hi Sabrina,
    the girls from my11things love this post! Your style is so cleand and elegant and you have the hair to match.


  37. I love the hairstyle in the pic where you’re wearing the white blouse. Might go for a similar look today.



  39. you look really great here! (then again when don’t you? ha)

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