Yes, I finally did it! I have been wanting to cut my hair short for such a long time, but my fear for hairdressers kept me from doing it. That was, until Jeffrey Janssen, creative director at Coup D’État asked me if I would give him a chance to convince me otherwise. He treats his customers as a customer instead of a number and really takes the time to get to know you before he pulls his scissors. After chatting for an hour and a half, he comforted me enough to make an appointment and just go for it. And guess what, I LOVE it!


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  1. Wauw, staat je prachtig! Love it!

  2. Ik reageer normaal nooit, maar dit staat echt heel erg leuk! Goede keuze =)

  3. Heel mooi, staat je supergoed!

  4. Dit korte staat je echt geweldig! Heel erg mooi!

  5. didn’t think i’d like it, but wow! looks great

  6. It’s beautiful!!!!

  7. Beetje lieke van lexmond achtig, I like it :)

  8. Wauw, het staat je echt prachtig!

  9. Het staat je zo mooi!

  10. Het ziet er lekker fris uit. Super cool je haren zo, ik ben alvast fan.

  11. Wauw! Je ziet er geweldig uit!
    Dit korte kapsel staat je echt heel goed.
    Applaus voor Jeffrey!

    xo Sari

  12. i would love to have the perfect ombre you’re rocking now!

  13. You look beautiful! A fresh coupe, suits you perfect!

  14. Staat je echt fantastisch! Omlijst je gezicht heel mooi!

  15. As I already told you on Twitter, I think you look great with shorter hair!

  16. Love the cut – really suits you! He did a great job :)

    B x

  17. this is seriously the best hair do for you! I love it and damn I would love to try it for myself

    X, Annie

  18. I knew it would look amazing and now I’m pretty convinced in actuallity! It frames your face beautifully. You made the best decision to have it trimmed!

  19. staat echt heel mooi!

  20. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! It really suits you. I am one for keeping my hair quite short, but I have yet to find a hairdresser who doesn’t really mess things up/do the opposite of what I ask them each time I go. So I often resort to cutting it myself…

  21. Haha, now we look even more alike! ;)

  22. Great haircut! it suits you very well! Just cut my hair from long to your length :)

  23. Ziet er erg leuk uit.. :) zo heb je zelfs iets weg van Lieke van Lexmond..

  24. Mooi hee! Ik zou t nooit zo kort durven knippen haha!
    Staat je goed, ook met dat blonde onderin ;)

  25. The result is gorgeous! This lenght fits you perfectly. You look very pretty.
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  26. Hairstyle changes can be super scary, but you have nothing to worry about, looks fantastic!!


  27. Het staat je zo ongelooflijk goed, past echt perfect bij je stijl! Dit is ook zo ongeveer mijn droomkapsel maar ik heb heel stijl haar jammer genoeg :(

  28. You look great with your cut hair :)


  29. I love it too. It frames your face perfectly. Great choice.


  30. I agree – good hairdressers are hard to find. But this one did his job brilliantly. You look cool, I like it.


  31. love your new look!!! so pretty! ;)

  32. Beauty!!!! Love your new haircut!!!

  33. It looks great… I’ve wanted to get the same cut for a while now but have also too scared to go for it! Maybe I will now…

    Visit the shiny new blog

  34. You are sooo pretty! :)

  35. Superleuk, ‘t zegt een beetje van jongens, de zomer komt eraan

  36. Love the new haircut! xx.

  37. Staat je geweldig goed!!! Zelf hou ik teveel van mijn lang haar om het kort te knippen, kon het maar voor een weekje ofzo :) xx

  38. I love it too! You were very brave and you look gorgeous! xx

  39. I like it a lot! You look very pretty in this new haircut! It looks so fresh and fashionable. xx

  40. You look gorgeous! Love the hair cut.

  41. het is super mooi geworden! staat je goed!

  42. I love it!! I recently made the same change (had a similar haircut as u before). It’s so refreshing :)

  43. Really really lovelyl – Totally fresh for spring and summer!

  44. Wow, dit staat je geweldig!! x crowngarland

  45. Looking amazing dear! Totally in love with your new hairdo!

  46. Staat je echt heel erg mooi! Hoop dat je vriend het nu toch ook wel mooi vind ;)

  47. your hair looks FANTASTIC babe! I know going short is hard at first, becuase your hair is like your baby, but good thing hair grows fast LOL… but its perfect for this season, and I love it!!!!!!


  48. Staat je super goed!
    Dat lange haar trouwens ook, vind dit ook wel erg leuk!

  49. beautifuuuuuuul:)
    I’m also very afraid of hairdressers… I’ve got an voucher for -Marlies Möller-, but I’m afraid and I can’t get over it even it’s one of the best salons ever!:)

  50. WOW! Looks absolutely amazing – and soo healthy! :-D

  51. that is awesome. It looks really good!!!

  52. Wow super! Ik heb ook een paar maanden mijn lange haar kort geknipt! Het voelde echt goed om zoiets te durven! Gewoon iets compleet anders!

  53. liking it lady! i’ve been wanting to do the same but am terrified of not being able to do the every so convenient, yet chic messy bun….one of these days.

  54. It’s really really great, always thought this kind of haircut would suit you!

  55. Absolutely love this, light dip-dye looks incredibly cool!!!
    Anneli x http://WWW.OWLINVOGUE.COM

  56. LOVE IT!!! Looks good on you, miss your long hair tho =)

  57. I think it can be a girl’s worst nightmare… but your haircut turned out beautiful and it looks so nice on you!


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  58. It’s very good!! But honestly I’m a fan of long long long hair!!

  59. you look great!

  60. It looks amazing – you are so lucky to have met and worked with some one so talented. I have toyed with the idea of cutting my hair but have not been able to do it yet….

    I was just declared WINNER of Posh24’s Fashion Blog Battle. A big Thank You to everyone who voted!!!

  61. lovely! how long is your braclet from efvaattling?

  62. Oh this is amazing! I love it on you!! xx

  63. Ik zou mijn haar ook wel zo willen, kort maar toch lang genoeg om nog op te steken en zo.
    Staat je echt goed !
    new outfit post

  64. It really suits you! You look amazing :)

  65. You look gorgeous!
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    MaryKapsi for TheFashionGuitar

  66. I love it!

  67. I simply like your photos because you are looking awesome in these photos. Keep posting dear..:)

  68. Erg leuk, je haar zo. Ik vind het mooier nog dan het lange haar. Past beter bij je en bij je lengte. Het is meer in verhouding nu.

  69. you look beautiful Sabrina,

  70. Love your haircut!


  71. Ik looks really good on you! Gives you a more young/fresh look!

  72. Your new haircut is stunning.

  73. Miley Cyrus look! Many of my friends did it too. Looks nice and it’s all around, so all in!

  74. Judy-Anne RESULLAR - ⁄ Reply

    Love your hair!!

  75. zooo mooi!!

  76. Really suits you, love the length. My hair’s about this length and I never know what to do with it x

  77. You’re beautiful ! You’re such an inspiration for me ! I love everything you do, everything you wear :)

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