Summer has officially kicked off yesterday and that – more often than not – only leaves one big question… Who’s ready?! Most women immediately start to sweat (both literally and figuratively) when the first rays of sunshine hit town. Our bodies are never ready and finding that perfect bikini or swimsuit is like finding a bobby pin when you need one. Regarding that first ‘problem’, we obviously all have our insecurities, but I do believe we should definitely be more confident and embrace our beautiful selves. I mean we don’t need to be completely #flawless (my dearest Beyoncé) to be pretty.

Now what about that perfect bikini or swimsuit? We got this one fully covered. I recently got introduced to Sydney based swimwear brand Her the Label and when it’s from down under – the land of constant bikini walking – you know it’s gooood. They’re all about simplicity and femininity and apart from a subtle tan, what more can one wish for?!

Now off you go, on to the beach!

Model, Nina Julietta Tourton at De Boekers; Styling, Nicole Huisman; Hair and Make Up, Elise Haman at NCL; Photography, yours truly. Location, George Nr. 5.

All swimwear by Her the Label, scarves by Anna Coroneo, Mansi Shah and vintage, sunglasses by Mykita x Maison Margiela.

This post was created in collaboration with Her the Label.


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  1. …and yet again you found the skinniest model of them all… because of course – they look flawless on the photos.

    1. Sabrina | afterDRK - ⁄ Reply

      Thank you for your comment Anna. I hope you understand that this post is not about being skinny (or whatever other body shape), it’s about being comfortable in ones own skin. And – above all – about pretty swimwear…

  2. I love her the label they have the most beautiful pieces! These photos are absolutely stunning and the location just fits perfectly! I am really in love with the photos!

    Sophie xx

  3. This might just be my favorite editorial to date by you. Great composition, nice sharpness and good job on the styling too. Keep up the amazing work, looking forward to your next idea!

  4. I just LOVE your editorials.

    1. Sabrina | afterDRK - ⁄ Reply

      Thank you dear!!

  5. Wat een toffe bikini’s, mooie foto’s en coole locatie! Good job! :)

  6. Great editorial. Your photos are just getting better!

  7. Your sunglasses is so cute, I love it.

  8. I never heard of this brand, so thanks for sharing!
    Lets hope the sun will start shining soon here in Belgium.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

    1. Sabrina | afterDRK - ⁄ Reply


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