Remember Stephanie Broek, the cutest shopping editor at Glamour who we interviewed in a Style Talk about her style and vegan aesthetic a few months ago?

Roles are reversed as she just launched the first episode of her brand new online video series called Hi Fashion, in which she interviews me about the 5 Piece Wardrobe system. A system that I have to admit I do not live strictly by, but the whole idea behind it does help me to not purchase too many basics and think more than twice (sometimes a bit too much) before I buy something.

Also, I am excited as well as a bit scared (it’s awkward to see myself on vid!) to share the video with you.

The video is in Dutch for now, unfortunately…


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  1. Wat is je haar mooi! En wat doe je dit leuk!

    1. Wat lief en leuk om te horen! Haar is inmiddels alweer back to brown ;)

  2. Sounds interesting. I have not heard of the 5 piece wardrobe, I must look into it x

  3. Sounds interesting. I have not heard of the 5 piece wardrobe but I must look into it x

  4. Cool…but almost impossible to achieve ;)))

    Don’t miss today my interior design proposals!
    ❤ Kisses from

  5. All I get when I click on this is a really long and not very fun video about terrorism attacks? Thought it was a commercial at first but I’m minutes in now and don’t really want to watch it. Can you not watch this video from abroad? I’m a Dutchie in London.

    1. That is super super strange! What if you watch it here?

  6. You look even prettier on the video than on photos, if that is even possible! Awesome vid ;)

    1. That is the cutest thing ever, thank you!

  7. Loving this interview. Thank you for sharing!


  8. I tried to watch in dutch but I don’t understand a word, unfortunately… Though the video is really great I can’t wait the subtitles! :)

  9. wow je bent zo mooi! echt, je huid en het blonde haar.

  10. Carmen van den Hoogen - ⁄ Reply

    wow zo bizar hoeveel jou stem op mijn stem lijkt.

    1. Haha echt?! Wat geestig!

  11. Sabrina, you are absolutely stunning, wow! Such a perfect, stylish, natural beauty.. Oh, and Stephanie is really cool young lady, nice to know how smart she thinks and acts withing the fashion community, thumbs up :)


    1. That is such a sweet comment, thank you B! Xx

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