Ok, I gave up on 50 Shades somewhere around chapter eight and I do not even want to understand why I bought it in the first place. I guess I was curious to see what the hysteria was all about and I thought it would be an easy read. And an easy read it is, but after a while those ‘scenes’ became a bit boring to me and I really wanted to skip them, so I skipped all the way to the end without reading a single word. No more 50 Shades for me…hmm or maybe I will try the movie instead.

On other currently popular books, I just recently got gifted A Memoir by Grace Coddington and even though I am not nearly half way there, this is gooood! There is something about Grace and the way she writes that is just very…graceful, very intriguing. Feels like a perfectly executed small peek into the secrets of the high and higher in the fashion industry.

What are you reading at the moment?

ps: I stole this title from the homonymous song from Zebra Katz, that I am still playing very regularly after hearing it for the first time at Rick Owens last year and seeing all the editors (yes, also the very big ones) moving their heads to the beat during the show.


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  1. have the exactly same feeling about 50 shades…nothing special for me in there…

  2. Ik ben ook erg benieuwd naar het boek van Grace!
    Naar 50 shades ben ik nooit benieuwd geweest, haha..


  3. I feel the same about 50 shades of Grey and it makes me wonder what it actually is that made that book a hit.

  4. I gave up on 50 Shades too. Tragically poor prose. Have no idea what the fuss was about.

    This book, however, is unputdownable. Enjoy!

    Kate x

  5. Wow, I need this one hard!

  6. I’m still curious to read 50 shades because of its hype but something is stopping me, I guess somewhere deep inside i know that it’s not going to be my book.
    This one looks good though, what is it exactly about? It it fiction?

    I’m reading Rant by Chuck Palahniuk at this moment. Weirdest book I’ve ever read but there’s something intriguing about it that makes you keep reading. I like it so far.

    Breathe Me

    1. I love all his pieces! have you read “Invisible Monsters” ? Very good. He also has a really gross one about “mishaps” when people get to experimental. Read on an empty stomach and definitely not before you go to bed.

  7. this is one on my must-read/buy list aswell :)

  8. I just have finished the memoir of Grace and it is a great book because you can feel that she is a sweet person. I also finished reading The fountainhead by Ayan Rand, I book I always wanted to read but never had the chance before. Now I am reading a book by an Israeli writer that hasn’t been translated yet.
    I also started reading 50 shades 6 months ago, but had to stop after one third of a book. It was really boring and badly written.

  9. I’m very curious about this book, heard so much about it!


  10. Deel 1 van de 50 Schades trilogie al sinds de zomer half gelezen op mijn nachtkastje. Het is niet dat ik het niet boeiend vind en daarom ben gestopt, ik ben gewoon geen lezer. In mijn vakantie, lekker buiten in het zonnetje kan ik me er nog toe zetten maar binnen met alle technologie van de wereld om me heen krijg ik het gewoon niet voor elkaar. Ben wel heel benieuwd wat je van het Grace Coddington boek vind, zie het overal voorbij komen maar waar ik normaal toch wel nieuwsgierig word naar een boek heb ik dat nu totaal niet…xx

  11. I was going through some of your old posts and came across one from NYFW exactly one year ago, before your haircut! Man, is that the best decision you have ever made or what? It has made you ten times more beautiful than you already were. Doubting even more to make the cut myself now… especially with all that “the Karlie” stuff!

  12. I did exactly the same thing this summer!
    I was curious what the book was about since it had been #1 on amazon kindle for so long.
    I didn’t realise it was an erotic novel… and frankly the writing isn’t great either…

  13. I’m reading Tales of Mystery and Imagination by E.A. Poe
    I haven’t tried to read 50 Shades, and after your review I won’t to. Grace Coddington’s Memoir is my must-to-read book, but I cant find it in my city. Do you know some good e-bookshops?

  14. Need to read that!!!


  15. That book is next on my reading list, so I’m glad to hear it’s good! Right now I’m halfway through reading On The Road by Jack Kerouac, I love it.

  16. i didnt enjoy 50 shades too. i hope to get this one though.

  17. Loved Grace’s book! Such an amazing life she leads, the stories, the pictures. A stunning read.

  18. I didn’t know they were making a movie about 50 shades. I did the same thing, but gave up two chapters in. I don’t think I even got to the kinky parts. I guess the writing was too horrible for me to actually read it!
    I just finished reading, Under the Hawthorn Tree, and it was really amazing. Great love story! Grace Coddington is my favourite!

  19. I have Grace saved for my upcoming plane trip. I tried reading 50 shades as well, couldn’t even finish it. Really don’t understand the hype haha

    x karen

  20. I am reading the night circus…. Love the book very mysterious!

  21. I should be looking at the book but I can’t help but notice that chair! I need at least 40 of them xx

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