I was wearing an H&M Trend jumper, my mom’s jeans, Givenchy boots, a Luv Aj necklace and my own bracelet – available in a few days.


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  1. Congrats on your new endeavor my gorgeous one! I’m so stoked for the new layout and the neat minimal presence of the layout mirroring your high aesthetic!!

    I can’t wait to find out more on your bracelet! :) Maybe get one for my own wrist? :)

  2. Great outfit!
    That necklace and your bracelet are amazing!
    Besides I love the new website ;)


  3. Congrats on the new layout. You and your team did a wonderful job.
    I love the minimalistic design and the little details. It’s really you.

    x Sari

  4. Love the new design! I am happy for you and wish you the best now that you’ve decided to stand alone.

    Cannot tell you how much I love those boots x

    Paint me in the landscape

  5. many bloggers should learn from you.

  6. Super mooi! Gave site, gefeliciteerd! Xx

  7. Love the new look! Simplicity, at its best.

  8. This bracelet is SOOO amazing piece! Will be available online? I’m from the Czech Republic.

    1. @Tereza: Yes it will! On Friday, there will be exactly 30 pairs available online ;)

      1. omg, only 30 pairs? for how much? i want one for my wrist so badly… what time on friday? thx :)

        1. @Tereza: Yes, but if they sell out in a day or two, I am sure I can get some more. There’s 300 produced in total. Friday morning, 9.00 Amsterdam time ;)

          1. Oh and the price is 79 euros excluding shipping.

          2. thx so much for superfast info, hope i will get one :)

  9. Sabrina, goood job, I’m loving this new layout, very neat and minimal, it’s gonna be even more enjoyable to read your posts now!

  10. Way better! Mooi gedaan.
    De blog had een goede layout maar deze is veel ‘cleaner’ en lekker te lezen.
    Succes morgen bij MaisondeB.

    Milou –

  11. This is amazing!! I super love this new layout!! It is just perfect!

  12. Mooi hoor! <3 your blog

  13. I’m 100% with you, i’ll be following as usual ! The layout is faithful to the older blog’s. Though your pics are indeed a little smaller, they’re of such good quality that it’s quickly forgotten. Love today’s make up ! And your Givenchy boots find a new way of making their show !

  14. Love your new own platform!!! Great blog! Go on :)


  15. The all black ensemble chic, love it!!! Hey I really liked the new afterDRK congrats on that and your bracelet which is so YOU minimalistc with an edge!:)

  16. Well done! It looks great! I really like the bracelet!


  17. Leuk zo’n fluffy trui !

    Ik vind het heel leuk dat je het uiterlijk van je blog zelf nu ook volledig aanpast aan je stijl, al vind ik het persoonlijk niet nodig om er zo strikt in te zijn en bijvoorbeeld vooraf te zeggen van ” ik ga nooit meer foto’s van anderen gebruiken”.

    Ik kijk er naar uit wat meer ” artikels” te lezen van je

  18. Those boots must be the best buy ever.. congrats on the new layout!

  19. I love your necklace! And I think you beat Doutzen with the most beautiful mouth of The Netherlands! :)

    Great new website!

    ♥ Linda

  20. Still dislike the boots but except that – like usual – I like your outfit. you’re a beauty!

  21. Mooie sieraden in je look!

  22. Loving the new blog layout!

    Keep up the great work!

  23. your boots are fab. i love your style. lets collaborate! xo.

  24. WAUW WAUW WAUW! EN NOG EENS WAAAAUUUUW! Fantastische outfit, zoals gewoonlijk. Ik ben nog steeds superjaloers op je boots en je armband is ook fantastisch mooi!
    Je blog is trouwens prachtig geworden!



  25. You look so gorgeous :)
    I like this style!

  26. you look like a designer in this black outfit! maybe it´s because you really are now! love the outfit <3

  27. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! And then let me tell that you are such an inspiration for me. Your style resumes all the things I like. Less is more and that is a fact. The new look of the site is incredible.

  28. Love this outfit. There are days when just want to wear black all over and you look great doing so.
    Btw. I love your new blo design!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  29. the bracelet is gorgeous!!!! nice outfit…xo, ALma

  30. your blog looks great!! will follow it! :)
    Josefina – london style/ street style/ interviews

  31. Woah, prachtig! Ik ben erg benieuwd naar je armband in real life, krijgen we die vanavond te zien? ;)


    1. @Debbie: Yes, hij is vanavond voor degene die komen al te koop! Xx

  32. These boots…Not flattering, make your legs look fatter than they are.

    1. Sorry but these boots should only be used on really skinny and long legss. They make your legs look shorter.

  33. I love the new look of your blog !!!
    Amazing bracelet !!!

  34. Yore style is verry nice & simple, I like it a lot, great necklase and bracelet

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