Victoria Spruce, Vogue Talents Award

Mark Goldenberg, Vogue Talents Award

Ichiro Suzuki, Fashion Collection of the Year winner

Marius Janusauskas, winner of the Diesel Award

For the eleventh time in a row, the Italian city Trieste was all about ITS, International Talent Support, a platform dedicated to the scouting and support of young creative talents from all over the world. If there is one thing in fashion that I absolutely love, it is seeing young talent, real talent. This year’s concept was all about the duality between GOOD and EVIL and everyone visiting ITS, whether as a jury, contestant or as press, had to choose for one of the opposite poles.

Over the past few years I have seen the work of many fashion students and graduates, but I have never been so impressed by anyone until Ichiro Suzuki. He got inspired by the works of Bridget Riley, Escher and Vasarely and English classicism and his collection was nothing like any other collection I have seen recently from such a young designer. Mind. Blowing. The young Suzuki says to create his alter ego when designing, which was clearly visible when he entered the catwalk in an easy white t-shirt, jeans and flipflops.

Apart from attending the jewelry and accessory exhibition and the fashion show, I was lucky to discover the beauty of Trieste as well, with its amazing architecture, beautiful sea and of course delicious food. I mean seriously, Italy is the only country where I gain weight easily.


Fashion Collection of the Year
Ichiro Suzuki

Diesel Award
Marius Janusauskas

Fashion Special Prize by EVE
Luke Brooks

Avery Dennison Brand Innovation Award
Mark Goldenberg

Saturday Night Fever Award
Isabel Vollrath

Vogue Talents Award
Mark Goldenberg

Modateca Award
Shengwei Wang

D-La Repubblica Award
Marius Janusauskas


Accessories Collection of the Year
Ana Rajcevic

YKK Award
Benjamin John Hall

Vogue Talents Award
Victoria Spruce

ITS Jewelry

Swarovski Elements Jewelry Award
Xiao Zi Yang

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  1. I’ve lived in Italy for four months and I didn’t gain weight because I had to cut food in general so I could eat all the good things Italy has to offer :D (I know, it is not the best idea ever but at least I could eat as much gelato as I wanted and yet, lose some weight.

    From all the photos you posted here, Marius Janusauskas caught my entire attention. So feminine and crisp. Love it!

  2. Hoi Sabrina!

    Even een niet fashion gerelateerde vraag, en ik hoop dat je dat niet erg vindt, maar ik vroeg me af via welke makelaar jij jouw appartement hebt gevonden. Ik ben al een tijdje op zoek naar een appartement/kamer en ben nu al miljard keer afgezet door allerlei nare makelaars/bemiddelingsbureaus dus ik hoor het graag!


  3. Great post and those shoes…!!! Wauw! Really love to see work of young talented fashion artists to. When I was in Budapest there was a small shop with clothes made by young fashion designers, I loved it!



    Style Route

  4. Hi! Prachtige foto’s, prachtige post, prachtige blog! Mag ik vragen met welke camera jij foto’s maakt? Het zijn hele scherpe foto’s! Zelf maak ik foto’s met de Canon D3100 maar ik kan niet de juiste instelling vinden om écht mooie foto’s te krijgen.

    • @Eva: Met een Canon D450, maar die raad ik niet aan als je al veel ervaring hebt. Het is een mooie beginners camera. Heb je al eens naar andere lenzen gekeken? Of iemand om realtime advies gevraagd? Xx

  5. it’s kinda weird seeing you in Trieste, which is just 1h away from my town! either way, Trieste is magic and you look great both in black and in white! xo Giulia