Still bummed that I had to miss out on Bread & Butter and Berlin Fashion Week last week, I did get invitations for both, but I had to stay in Amsterdam due to personal reasons. Luckily, Lisa has been taking backstage shots at Iris van Herpen for quite a while now, so I can still share the amazing work of this Dutch designer. One of my fashion dreams is to wear one of her pieces to a big event…maybe one day. A girl can dream right?

ph/ Lisa Galesloot


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  1. whew, the heterochromia frightens me :)

  2. i love it when fashion becomes art or art becomes fashion! the architectural shapes of the pieces are insane, at the same time she adds a pretty dark touch to her collection! the models look so pure and simple but it is far from simple

  3. Iris Van Herpen is so awesome designer. I wish i could own a piece from her collections.

  4. All her work is fantastic, real pieces of art!


  5. oh wow that silver dress look so dreamY!

  6. het ziet er heel mooooi uit allemaal~!

  7. Iris! Ik heb stage gelopen bij haar. Ze is echt een creativiteit meesterbrein

  8. Ziet er echt geweldig uit. Haar stukken zijn gewoon betoverend.
    (die ogen zijn trouwens best wel eng. ;)

  9. Great pictures, I agree that her work is amazing. Saw some pieces at the Material World exposition in Groningen last week and it has such beautiful details and silhouettes!

  10. how awesome. thanks for sharing this montage of the event. wish i could have been there.

  11. Wauw! nice shots! Iris van Herpen is such a great designer.

  12. wow, Yes what an inspiration ! I’m amazed by the Make-up look and Hair around the neck it’s creepy but well styled and beautiful in its art form !

  13. WOW. that is literally art. pretty amazing.

  14. Wow, her fashion is so unique. I would love to see how you interpret her artistic fashion.


  15. I love how she has her own unique style. She is not just a fashion designer but a real artist. Everything the models wear are pieces of art. I love how she illustrates her sense of fashion with the hair and the different coloured eyes :)

  16. Loving the grey shirt / dress!

    x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  17. TO DIE FOR !!!! and might I add, amazing photos! xx

  18. amazing dresses, and the ‘fake’ eye adds the perect finishing touch.

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