Still bummed that I had to miss out on Bread & Butter and Berlin Fashion Week last week, I did get invitations for both, but I had to stay in Amsterdam due to personal reasons. Luckily, Lisa has been taking backstage shots at Iris van Herpen for quite a while now, so I can still share the amazing work of this Dutch designer. One of my fashion dreams is to wear one of her pieces to a big event…maybe one day. A girl can dream right?

ph/ Lisa Galesloot

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  1. i love it when fashion becomes art or art becomes fashion! the architectural shapes of the pieces are insane, at the same time she adds a pretty dark touch to her collection! the models look so pure and simple but it is far from simple

  2. Great pictures, I agree that her work is amazing. Saw some pieces at the Material World exposition in Groningen last week and it has such beautiful details and silhouettes!