Hooray for the final arrival of my Christmas present…to myself that is. Every year I give myself a cool present, something that I wouldn’t usually buy so easily, something that I really really want to have, something that isn’t a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes. This time I ordered Carine Roitfeld’s Irreverent, a 360 page consisting visual history of Carine’s career in fashion. A career that I’m highly intrigued by, even though I wouldn’t see myself working as an editor-in-chief at Vogue magazine (not that they would hire me, but still).

Sure, the book is self-serving. But that’s what makes it so cool. I mean, my blog is kinda self-serving too, no? But isn’t that what a part of fashion is about nowadays? To get yourself out there and to give the opinion and story an actual face, literally.

I just received the book, so I haven’t completely read it ofcourse, but I can’t wait to do so and to get a small glimpse of the woman that’s living inside the fashionable 56-year old Parisienne.


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  1. great book indeed! this and the Steve Jobs biography are my two books i gifter myself this january :)



  2. Great self-gift ! I want to buy this book since its release but the price is a little bit reluctant. Nevermind, I’ll find a way to buy it ^^^And I met Carine Roitfeld many times in Paris, she’s mysterious, rebel and definitely a Parisienne, I adore her !

  3. Oh yes, this is definitely the book of the year! Great buy!

  4. Looks like a magnificient piece to read & look through. I am a huge fan of those kind of books and fashion books in general. Very inspiring and pleasing to look at.
    Have a nice week!


  5. looks interesting! and an amazing book to read!

  6. Wat een prachtig boek! <3 pretty books

  7. Love books like these – they aren’t even books, they are huge masterpieces of amazing inspiration.

  8. This looks so intriguing! I too am quite interested in her life- should be a good read!


  9. Self-Serving soooooo 2012!!!!

    I am thinking on getting the book too ;)

  10. Het lijkt mij echt een mooi boek. Leuk om te lezen.

  11. aww seems to be a great book!

  12. Also on my wish list! Love it! // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  13. lijkt me prachtig! en 56? jeetje!

  14. I can’t believe she’s 56….I like the continuation of gift giving! I should be wrapping up my Christmas shopping for myself today, :-)…

  15. I just love Carine. She is an Icon itself. She made me collect all Vogue Paris magazine while she was it’s Editor-in-Chief.

  16. so cool!

  17. Where did you buy it? Or maybe ordered it online?

  18. Great gift for me or to give ; )

  19. I LIKE!!! daar ga ik eens hard voor sparen hihi

  20. love the book so much:)

  21. I so want that book! Looks amazing!


  22. Deze staat ook hoog op m’n wishlist! xx.

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