After a month and another month and another month of searching for the Isabel Marant Cleane leopard boots in my size and almost buying them a size too big, they’re finally mine.


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  1. HELL YEAAAAH! They are incredible!
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  2. Love love love love! they will look great on you!

    Love, selina
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  3. Ahh this is my favourite colour of them! Great pick

  4. Nou, die zou ik ook wel willen zeg ;)

    Ze zijn mooi meid! Heb je nog een oplossing gevonden voor de zooltjes?


  5. Love them!! Well done!!
    I went to Isabel Marant biggest shop (Im in holidays in Paris!!) but they were out of stock!!! Grrrr! I will have to check online… xx

  6. Wauw, die zijn echt fantastisch! Ik wil ze :D

  7. These are amazing. I love the understated print and and feminine shape!

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  9. Wowie!! They’re beautiful!!!!
    xo Madeleine

  10. these are just stunning, love them in black

  11. Oh My God! I love them! Been drawling over them at Merci Paris… God! They are so you.

  12. u lucky girl u…
    i looove these shoes so much… where did u find them??

  13. Perfect! Happy for you! They are my favorite and totally on my wishlist! If I can find them in my size, preferably in sale ;) they will be a present to myself for after giving birth to my baby boy ;) LOL

    XO Charlotte

  14. The shoes are amazing and are also on my top 3 list over things I really crave right now :)

  15. omg love these boots <3 these are absolutely amazing ! Xx nadine

  16. Super zeg! Heb je ze tweedehands kunnen kopen ofzo?

    1. @Nynke: Nee nieuw, maar had ze al aangehad voor ik ze op de foto zette ;)

  17. I`m glad you finally found them and they are amazing:) Where did you find them?
    Much love,

  18. Congrats, they look extraordinary!:)
    Jelena (
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  19. I’m usually not a fan of pointy shoes, but I love these ones! // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  20. I always ask myself when I’m craving something designer if I would want them if they were from, say, H&M. These wouldn’t make the cut. But they’re totally your style, I look forward to an outfit post!

  21. Congratz. They’re incredible!

  22. woooow they’re perfect!

  23. Congrats on finally finding them! They’re really great! Can’t wait to see them in an outfit post, on your feet!

    Xx Jorien

  24. I love this version of them, my heart just skipped a beat. They will look so amazing on you! <3

  25. so insanely jealous..absolutely love them!

  26. He die heb ik ook!
    Pas wel op met de hak en combi Hollandse steentjes..
    Heb er zelf zwarte beschermhoesjes op laten zetten : )

  27. amazing shoes!love isabel marant!:)

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