Since they say one can lose up to 70-75 percent (some say 45 percent, but it is not about the numbers) of their body heat through their head alone and it seems to be getting colder by the minute, I thought I’d prevent some of it with a cute jade green colored hat from Anthony Peto (via Monnier Frères). I am not sure I believe the theory though, seeing that it would be just as cold going without a hat as if going without pants. Let us just assume it is true and use it as an excuse to stock up on hats.


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  1. this is a great hat…beautiful color!
    I bought a big one yesterday, after almost a month of thoughts….finally!


  2. hihih! super slim idee! ik vind het hoedje ook erg mooi,
    liefs, laila.

  3. Love colour, you’ll definitely stand out with that one ;)

  4. Amazing hat:)

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  5. very cute indeed! I can´t wait to see you wear it! xo, Alma

  6. Gorgeous hat! I need one myself ASAP x

    Fashion Landscape

  7. haha great! I believe in that saying and love hats, espcecially for winter.

    X, Annie

  8. Wat een leuk hoedje, de kleur is ook zo mooi! xx

  9. Prachtige kleur, ik ben benieuwd hoe je hem gaat dragen.


  10. Cute hat! The colour is gorgeous :)

    Melanie ~

  11. Of course you can put that theory through the test by going outside with a hat and without pants… but let’s not. You’ll probably just get sick again. ;)

    Nice hat, love the color of it. Brightens up every grey rainy day!

    x Marjolein

  12. I love white…looks very elegant.

  13. That is true! The best way to loose weight is actually to study outside naked :D
    Anyway… great hat :)

    The White Studio

  14. Ahahahahahaha, I’ll use it as an excuse too!!!! btw amazing hat

  15. Wat een prachtig hoedje!

  16. Ik heb het echt altijd veel warmer met een muts of hoed, dus ik denk dat de theorie wel grotendeels klopt.
    Hele mooie hoed al vind ik die donkerblauwe Borsalino net nog iets leuker
    new outfit post

  17. Beautiful! Love the color! xx.

  18. The hat is amazing and I’m sure it looks fantastic with your hair colour!

  19. Love the hat! I am curious how you would wear it so hope to see it in an outfit post soon. :)

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