After a miraculously quick Amsterdam > New York flight, Anna and I got ready for some backstage snapping at Jen Kuo and of course to view the show. It’s super fun to see how the atmosphere backstage was very relaxed, in contradistinction to what Amsterdam Fashion Week feels like most of the time. Everybody’s super friendly and helpful and no-one’s freaking out. Maybe it’s just at this show, maybe it’s the same at all the shows. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The collection tells a story of the night’s leave-behinds (‘a gentle man’s overcoat, a simple man’s trench, the newsboy’s lucky pants), a concept that is merely simple, but very effective in my opinion. I’m all about replenishing my wardrobe with menswear inspired pieces this (and maybe next) season, and despite the fact that I didn’t like the complete collection, Jen Kao grabbed my attention with her embellished jacket and the black and blue mink vest.

ph/ Anna Nooshin (2, 7 and 9)


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  1. these hats are super fab, loved the detailed sequinned looks too

  2. I have to say that the pics in this posr are really nice. I just like the atmosphere they are breathing!! I like that black and blue vest too!!

    All love Lola


  3. wow, beautiful pics! enjoy NYC :)

  4. At first I have to say that I’m sooooo jealous!! I would die to be in NYFW !!!!
    I believe that the calm and relaxed backstage is product of a good program!!
    I loved the vest too!!

  5. I love your shots and I love even more your style, so relaxed and cool!

  6. Geweldige foto’s! Love it! Geniet ervan meis :)

  7. Beautiful pictures! Love the collection already ;)

  8. Wow, these backstage snaps are truly amazing! They indeed show the relaxed atmosphere backstage

  9. wow! great pics!
    hope you’re having fun :)

  10. I love the models hair! Seems like a great show! Love the clothes!

  11. thanks for sharing these great impressions! an awesome collection! I love the glittering blue blouse.


  12. Wat een mooie foto’s heb je gemaakt!

  13. ziet er mooi uit, en prachtige foto’s natuurlijk weer!

  14. Awesome pictures. I wish I were in your place. Meeh, maybe someday. :)

  15. Gorgeous pics! Hope you enjoy your time over there :)

  16. amazing photos! wish i was there, living vicariously through your instagram.

  17. Love your photos and your burgundy hat! xx

  18. beautiful pictures as always! :D

  19. love backstage pictures and of course nyc impressions. lovely.

    X, Annie

  20. OMG!!!^^
    perfect ;)


  21. Never heard of her, but she has some nice pieces! // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  22. looks like A LOT of stuff is going on behind those curtains Sabrina!!
    these photos are so hot-off-the-press too :) you & Anna are soo lucky,
    getting to meet up with the runway models. and gosh, don’t all of the Jen Kuo outfits
    look so damn mesmerizing??

  23. Simply perfect photos, models seem good, the presentations are very special to you, I regularly (every week) thanks for sharing your creations.

  24. Beautiful pictures!

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