To some, this might be the most boring subject ever (tea, seriously?), but I could not NOT share this deliciousness. I ironically discovered this French Kusmi tea back in Lisbon during Christmas and if I am completely honest, I only bought it because of the cuteness of the cans. I mean who would pay 17 euros (yes, I know they are cheaper in Paris) for a can of tea if the box was not this cute?

I was planning on using the cans to store my jewelry once they are empty and therefor chose color over taste. This ánd the yumminess of the tea makes me wish I could invite you all over for a tea party at my place. Who’s in?

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  1. Addicted to Kusmi since my introduction in Paris 2 years ago. It’s the best tea there is, no artificial ingredients but pure tea and great taste. The detox and chai are my favorites. This is so my cup of tea ;)

  2. I don’t think it’s boring… I love kusmi tea since I was in Paris, two years ago, and I have the same cans as you. They are lovely, and I live in Lisbon…. so expensive :((((

  3. Love Ksumi tea!! The packaging is so pretty! Would come for tea if I wasn’t in Glasgow ;) have a lovely day in snowy Amsterdam! MX

  4. As a Parisian girl & tea addict, I can tell you I’m so in love with those you’re showing (= my best!)
    You should try Mariage Frères & their Earl Grey too, it’s delicious & so chic ;)

  5. ooooh wat wou ik dat ik in Nederland woonde, dan kon ik op de thee komen, haha! Lijkt me een goed idee om ze als doosjes te gebruiken om je juwelen in te steken!

  6. Als ze niet zo duur waren had ik gelijk naar de winkel gerend – maar helaas heb ik dit er echt niet voor over ;) Wel een goed idee om ze als sieradendoosje te gebruiken!