To some, this might be the most boring subject ever (tea, seriously?), but I could not NOT share this deliciousness. I ironically discovered this French Kusmi tea back in Lisbon during Christmas and if I am completely honest, I only bought it because of the cuteness of the cans. I mean who would pay 17 euros (yes, I know they are cheaper in Paris) for a can of tea if the box was not this cute?

I was planning on using the cans to store my jewelry once they are empty and therefor chose color over taste. This ánd the yumminess of the tea makes me wish I could invite you all over for a tea party at my place. Who’s in?


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  1. Addicted to Kusmi since my introduction in Paris 2 years ago. It’s the best tea there is, no artificial ingredients but pure tea and great taste. The detox and chai are my favorites. This is so my cup of tea ;)

  2. I don’t know this tea brand but I would like to join you at a tea party to try it!

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  3. I’m a bit of a tea fanatic so I would probably purchase these too, ha! I must try some!


  4. inderdaad echt een super mooie verpakking ! maar nu ben ik wel nieuwsgierig of het echt zo lekker is ook
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  5. I love a pretty tea box too! These look lovely, always love discovering new teas :)

  6. Wauw, de verpakkinng is zo mooi!! Ben beieuwd hoe het smaakt!

  7. I don’t know this tea brand, packing is amazing!

  8. I tried Kusmi Tea about a month ago in a cafe in Athens! It was really nice, but yeah, I agree, 17 euros for a can of tea is too much!! As for my jewelry, I found this solution at Muji (they have separate trays for jewelry and rings as well or you can use dividers!)

    1. I love Muji boxes, but their delivery charges are outrageously expensive outside UK (£29.95). Any tips for this?

  9. Is really that yummy? mmm… I want to be a tea person, but I’m a coffaholic… Well I guess I should try this tea, if only for the beautiful package!

  10. I don’t think it’s boring… I love kusmi tea since I was in Paris, two years ago, and I have the same cans as you. They are lovely, and I live in Lisbon…. so expensive :((((

  11. I’m in! ;)
    Die blikjes zijn idd verleidelijk mooi! Ben benieuwd naar de smaak!

    x Linda

  12. Margaux Shops For You - ⁄ Reply

    Love Ksumi tea!! The packaging is so pretty! Would come for tea if I wasn’t in Glasgow ;) have a lovely day in snowy Amsterdam! MX

  13. Hi Sabrina, Je kunt de thee ook bij de Bijenkorf kopen. Jummie!

    1. You can order them from Amazon .de :) They usually deliver very fast to NL (at least to EHV) :)

  14. Leuke bewaarblikjes inderdaad! Ik vind het altijd leuk om zulke blikjes te bewaren en er iets mee te doen. Hetzelfde met lege glazen potjes!

  15. Oh yes that’s what we need, I love the detox one with maté!

  16. I prefer loose tea over tea bags so I’m addicted to Twinings earl grey loose tea!

    1. @Maaike: This is also loose tea, I love it!

  17. I can remember still exactly as I have bought my first Kusmi tea in Paris five years ago and it was love at first sight. I couln´t hardly decide wich on to take!:) I love to buy things in boxes that I can use after the content is used and I´m willing to pay a little bit more for this!!!!

  18. These look so cute, can I buy them online, I wonder….*googles*

  19. They are beautiful indeed, I’ve been craving for one of those cans! xx

  20. Well, if you want any more tea just let me know and I’ll send it to you :P

  21. As a Parisian girl & tea addict, I can tell you I’m so in love with those you’re showing (= my best!)
    You should try Mariage Frères & their Earl Grey too, it’s delicious & so chic ;)

  22. I’m in! Haha.
    Ik drink LITERS met deze temperaturen…

    X Marjolein – Never Too


  23. I’m seriously addicted to tea! I drink liters of them each day! Where in Paris can you buy this? I can’t wait to go back there and buy them to try myself!

    Breathe Me

    1. @B. They have a store in Paris: 25 Rue Danielle Casanova 75001 Paris.

  24. ooooh wat wou ik dat ik in Nederland woonde, dan kon ik op de thee komen, haha! Lijkt me een goed idee om ze als doosjes te gebruiken om je juwelen in te steken!

  25. They opened a Kusmi down the street from me last year and you are spot on, the packaging is delightful! I am digging the Anastasia from the Russian blends that I have. maj tea party over here!

    check us out? follow us back?

  26. Lovely tea. What kind of teapot are you using? It’s very pretty.

    1. @Niky: It’s from Ikea! ;)

  27. The cans are definitely amazing. The tea isn’t boring for sure. It can be very delicious and healthy.


  28. I def need to try this T, when I used to live in OZ not sure if you know this brand but it’s huge in Australia called T2
    you should check out , I love their stores( crazy cups etc) and beautiful Teas…
    I never Try Kusmi but I will !
    x D

  29. Look like the candles from Urban Outfitters !

  30. Ze zien er inderdaad super leuk uit, leuk idee! Mooi meegenomen dan dat de thee ook zo lekker is ;)

  31. I am! Wat een leuke theedoosjes!

  32. Als ze niet zo duur waren had ik gelijk naar de winkel gerend – maar helaas heb ik dit er echt niet voor over ;) Wel een goed idee om ze als sieradendoosje te gebruiken!

  33. loose Kusmi tea is the best! my all time favourite: algotea

  34. meeeee! i loved the tea since I first saw the package and even better that it also tastes good!

    enjoy your evening,

    love Anna

  35. They have it at &Klevering in Amsterdam. Also online and also a very fave.

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